5 Reasons For Not Trusting Facebook


Five Reasons For Not Trusting Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site and it has managed to achieve this in less than six years of starting off as an exclusive site for Harvard University students. There have been many people who have praised Faecbook for its ease of use and the many features that it offers, but there have also been people who have criticized Facebook heavily and have urged their friends to stop using it. It would be foolish to ask people to stop using Facebook as it is now an indisputable means of connecting with the world, but there are a few reasons why one shouldn’t trust Facebook with all of their personal information.

Facebook’s Privacy Policy:

Facebook’s privacy policy is constantly changing, and it is increasingly being veered in favor of the company, and not the users. At one point. Facebook wanted all users to constantly update their profile, or else they could terminate the users’ accounts!

Facebook’s CEO Is…Weird:

While the recent movie The Social Network clearly shows that Mark Zuckerberg had a dark shade of character hidden within him, in the real world. Mr.Zuckerberg isn’t exactly Mr.Nice Guy. He still remains a shady character and his work ethics are being questioned by a lot of people.

Facebook Likes Private Info:

Facebook leeches off the private information of its users. It encourages users to submit as much information as possible about themselves, so that they can create more ads for their friends and earn money from it.

Facebook Never Deletes Accounts:

Although Facebook has an option for users to delete their accounts, the accounts are never actually deleted and Facebook still keeps all the information intact, hoping to use it for ad-targeting in the future. This is nasty behavior from Facebook’s part.

Facebook Is Too Open:

Facebook has openly admitted that it is a very open website. It encourages users to share personal information, and then Facebook sells this information to advertisers, who use it to create targeted ads. Facebook’s openness can be dangerous in the future.

These five reasons are enough to show that Facebook is a very shady site and one needs to be very careful as to what information is being shared on the site.  Since a lot of people have their entire friends active on Facebook, they would automatically join in, and it is this helplessness that Facebook is feeding off.  So instead of giving in, it would be much better to encourage friends not to share too much personal information on Facebook. There are always alternative means of communicating and sharing updates, and Facebook can still be used as an enjoyable means of catching up with old friends and playing games along with them, without revealing much information. Facebook users are only going to increase in the coming days and the only thing that can be done right now is to ask these users to be cautious about the amount of information that they’re putting on Facebook in an attempt to impress their friends.

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