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How To View Blocked Profile and View Hidden List Of A Facebook User


Facebook is definitely the most popular online socializing platform in the world. Reaching over 1 billion accounts in less than 10 years since its official launching, Mark Zuckerberg’s wonder is available in over 30 different languages and it is worth over $5 billion.

Out of those who have constant access on the Internet, it is almost impossible to find one user who does not have (at least) one Facebook account. Even little children, animals, imposing politicians and powerful people in the world have their personal Facebook pages. Be that as it may, without at least one Facebook account, you most likely do not exist in the real world.


However, Facebook gives enough credentials and liberty to its users to post everything they want as long as they follow certain common sense lines. These guidelines include no offensive or threatening posts, or no pictures with high nudity content. Even so, you might encounter enough problems when searching for someone’s personal profile. Unless that person wants to make their posts and pictures public for everyone’s display, you may find yourself in a tricky situation. Supposing you want to check on your ex’s profile, or view the hidden list of friends of a certain Facebook user. What would you do? Here are some useful guidelines:

How to view Blocked Content of someone’s Facebook Profile

If you are blocked from seeing the posts of a certain person, or, even worse, if that person does not even appear in your searches, chances are that he or she blocked you for a reason. Unfortunately, unless you ask them to reconsider their blocked viewers, you might not be able to check them out anymore. However, if you are lucky enough, and that certain someone keeps their newsfeed available for everyone to see, you might still be able to have a chance by logging in with a different Facebook account. The private setting of a “block user” is only available for a certain person, and not for the whole IP address of that person. In other words, even if you are using the same computer, but log in with a different Facebook user, you will be able to see the profile of choice.

How to View Hidden List of Friends in Facebook

Another frequently asked question regarding the privacy settings of a Facebook account is whether you can see the friend list of someone if they are not publically displaying it. There are plenty of websites claiming they can do that for you, but only one out of ten will actually work. Moreover, these specific websites are based on Facebook glitches which might appear temporarily, but are quickly fixed. Thus, you could try the following “detour”: create a second Facebook account with a random email address. Add that certain friend in your friend list and wait for their approval. If you become friends with that person, Facebook will offer you some friend suggestions on the right side of the page. The suggestion list will only be made out of people your friend already has in their friend list.

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