Monthly Film Clubs Online vs. Traditional Cinema


Online film clubs are the new big thing. You’ll probably have already seen an advert for one of the companies. Traditional movie rental is being replaced with online, up to date films which you can watch instantly, and it’ll probably cost you less than a ticket to the cinema. But is it really worth trading the authentic cinematic experience for a laptop with an AV cable link up?

Is the Cost Worth the Experience?

As previously stated, it is comparatively cheaper to pay a monthly fee for unlimited film downloads than to visit the cinema. A monthly subscription fee may in fact be less than the price of two tickets to the movies, although of course you are trading a night out for a night in.

The Benefits of Cinema

The cinema experience is something that holds great memories for everyone. It’s the place you go for a first date and a great night out with friends. Although online films may be less pricey, the experience, great atmosphere and high quality sound and picture you get at the cinema are unmatchable.

The Benefits of Home

However, as modern technology develops you can get pretty close to cinema quality in the comfort of your own home with the added benefit of not having to share the room with a crowd of strangers. Using AV cables, you can link up your your laptop to a TV, and if your screen’s big enough, with a great sound system, the sky’s the limit!

What Should You Do?

When weighing up the merits of online films clubs against traditional cinema it’s probably best not to entirely exclude either one. A trip to the cinema will always be special and is a great meeting place for social occasions whereas a night in with an online film is a more personal and private experience. It’s also the ultimate lazy night in. Having the most recent released films just a few clicks and an AV cable link up away is the perfect way to have a great time at home, whatever mood you’re going for. A romantic one on one and a night in with the girls or lads can always be catered for with an online movie whereas at the cinema you’re restricted by their showing times and the films they have available.

So, online films will never match that cinema atmosphere but whether you’re cutting back on spending or just don’t want to go out; an online film can be perfect. We say why choose one way to watch films when you can have both?

Samantha has been an avid moviegoer since childhood, and now reviews every film that she sees on her dedicated film blog. She has graduated from the Brighton Film School, and intends to start a career in film distribution.

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