EASEUS Partition Manager Version 3.0- Server Edition


EASEUS Partition manager version 3.0- server edition

If you want the best partition manager look no further EASEUS Partition manager 3.0 will do you the job. Don’t ignore it ignore it, have it on your PC since it not only shines on servers but it does work on well on your desktop. This is the best partition manager you will ever use and not worry of partition loss. The application manages partitions on servers and also your computer. Whether you are using windows XP, vista, windows server 2000, windows sever 2003 or any windows platform EASEUS Partition manger is compatible with all windows platforms.

From its interface you can be able to view the partitions of your computer, it displays the primary and logical partitions the sizes plus the free and used space. This enables you to know what actions to take on the partitions; this will save you a lot from interfering with partitions that contain the operating system. Resizing you partitions has also been made easier you can resize your partitions the way you want without minimum conditions. Caution that before resizing your partition you need to allocate space for partition from the other partition otherwise you will be doing nothing.

Partition manager is the best partition manager with guaranteed efficiency, it does the job well. It comes with the necessary tools required for partitioning and does not require third party applications to run hence you don’t have to worry of installing junk applications to your system. As much as it is navigate through the interface and perform a number of operations resizing process can get a bit complicated like to resize the if you want to increase the size of the second partition, you first have to resize the first partition at the end of the maker to smaller so you can get unallocated space, then resize the first partition again to add the unallocated space to the front. From here is when you can resize your second partition, I also don’t like it it’s cumbersome.

But why should the resizing process worry you  at long last you only alter partitions in your system once in a blue moon so don’t let this small process drive you away you can always use help in case you get stuck. Get the software that will do you the job that is managing your partitions and leave you worrying less about partition loss.

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