Sticky Notes for Windows


Sticky notes for windows

Sticky notes is free for those using window seven and windows vista sticky notes comes in installed in your operating system, you really don’t need to keep sticking your monitors with notes everywhere. For those using windows XP you are not left out, all you are required to do is to install a third party software to your computer to start sticking notes on your windows desktop. However some of this third party software don’t come for free or are too complicated. You can use sticky notes to keep track of your reminders and schedule. You are going to save a lot of space not to mention saving a lot of tiny trees doing so.

Sticky notes for windows are the simplest to use and free, once installed it creates a shortcut at the windows system tray. Just double click the icon and an empty sticky note appears on your windows desktop. I have been trying to search for the best post it notes application but neither of my findings have been successful since some I could find were either complicated or not free. With sticky notes you don’t require to save your notes or specify where to save your notes, you also don’t need to create a schedule you simply type your notes and there it is. Yes you don’t believe I think you should try it.

Sticky notes has some basic settings you may want to configure, to change the border color click on the tab change next to the border color tab, you can also change the background color of your sticky note to whichever color looks appealing to you, yes it’s that cool at other times you may want to change the font of your document just like you would do it in a Microsoft office word document. Sticky notes have some keyboard shortcuts you can use, like ctrl + P to quickly go to notes settings, Ctrl + D to delete, Ctrl + S to run Archive.

There are also other shortcuts similar to those used in word like ctrl + B to bold your text, Ctrl + I to italicize your text, to underline simply press a combination of Ctrl + The advantage of sticky notes is that you can create as many sticky notes as you want and they will always appear on the same location on your screen.

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