Dawn of War 2


Dawn of War 2

Has it ever struck your mind how Humans, dwarves, eldars and orks will fight each other in the near future? Well time for imaginations are over, you can now experience the events on warhammer Dawn of war 2. Warhammer is a real time strategy and a semi role playing game, quite short but memorable. Instead of building a massive empire of soldiers to complete your task all is a handful squad each with a specific strength and weakness to complete the job.Caution that this review is on Dawn of war 2 single player campaign as I have not tried the online multiplayer.

The game focuses only on the human side with special marines called the blood raven. You will be one of the commanders controlling these superhuman soldiers who are capable of fighting the orks eldars and Aliens. The orks and eldars come first the Aliens come in as the new enemy; the Aliens are also called Tyranids and they substitute the dwarves. The work of these creatures is to eradicate every other living creature in the universe and your task is to stop this from happening.

The game allows you to use four squads in each mission and every time you complete a mission your squad leader gains experience and the level rises this mean they get new abilities and tactics. However each of the soldiers has their own strength and weaknesses. In every mission you will find new weaponry, armors and items and every mission has a reward. All this items are random and set in such a way that you can differentiate them by their colors. From the missions you will find the main missions plus side missions, you will complete the game fast if you concentrate only on the main mission but if you need extra bonuses and better war gears then include the side missions in your campaign. The “optional” missions are defend and “assault”. You can create structures in the universe which you are required to protect since they will always be under attack from your enemies, protecting the structures will not only be for the sake of the enemies but also source of earning bonuses.

The game is great and addictive but gets a little boring sometimes due to the repetitive missions, however as you strive yourself through the missions your enemies keep getting tougher and tougher, this increases your urge of completing the missions. Unfortunately in Dawn of war 2 you can’t save your game in the middle of the mission. Those of us who like to save the game in the middle of a mission and then come back and reload the game it’s pretty unfortunate.

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