Call of Duty 5- World at War


Call of duty 5- world at war

This is another world war 2 action that brings the essence of a theatre into the game, if you love real action then find it in call of duty of duty 5 brings you the war between the Japanese and the Russians in the eye of the Germans. Like the previous version call of duty 4 you will play like two people, you will be a US soldier fighting the Japanese on the east war theater and also the Russian soldier fighting the Germans on the western war theater.

The game is quite interesting especially at the end of the mission, at some point the Japanese will get so furious and will start charging at you if you don’t take care they can blow you off; you are required to flamethrower to fight them. If you are looking down upon this game then wait till you fight the Japanese is when you will realize that you don’t just play you have to think. You don’t stand a chance getting bored when playing call of duty 5 from being a sniper to a bob defender you will have exciting moments in your missions. The game also incorporates multi player missions where you are required to take a team in some of your missions.

I will not lie to you that the game has the best graphics like most other games do, but the real life effects like spilling of blood like river; bodies being torn apart will give you the real life experience. We have played a lot of action games that action is no longer as entertaining as it was before, so if you are those like me who want more than action in a game try call of duty 5. To be sincere what is the point of having a game with the coolest graphics like crisis when you can’t play it on your system.

The game has a lot of resemblance with the previous call of duty games since it uses the same engine as it predecessor the only difference is the addition of weapons and other small features. As much as the game is quite fun it has some drawbacks, the game is very short that over a whole weekend you can finish playing all the missions. At the end of the game there is a bonus where you are required to fight a swarm of zombies. The action is quite thrilling you need not to hear it again from someone else experience it.

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