The Samsung Galaxy Pro- All You Need To Know


The Samsung Galaxy Pro—All You Need To Know

The Samsung Galaxy phones are a series of phones that started as a single model, and then more models grew off of it. Now, Samsung is releasing a new model in the Galaxy series, called the Samsung Galaxy Pro. This phone is a touch screen and includes some pretty wonderful features. For instance, this phone has a 2.8 inch touch display screen and a familiar and much loved, blackberry-like QWERTY keyboard. It includes an 800 Megahertz processor within its tiny frame, with the ability to connect to the Android phone market already preloaded into the phone.

Some other great features included in this phone are the internet capabilities—including Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth, which means that you can connect to the internet via hotspots, and with the Bluetooth enabled, you will be able to wirelessly connect you to all kinds of devices near you, including other phones. It also has wonderful networking integration because of the Social Hub Premium service that comes preloaded with the phone. This means that sites such as Facebook and Twitter are extremely easy to access, and with the comfortable keyboard, it’s a breeze to get up and hang out with your friends on social websites. Video streaming and audio is also ready to go, as the phone comes already loaded with Adobe Flash player 10.1.

Also, the phone has an embedded 3MP camera with autofocus, along with various instant messaging and e-mail outlets. This phone also has a A-GPS locator inside of it, so no matter where you are, if you are stuck in an unfamiliar place and have no idea where to stop for the night, or want to try a new place to find food, then you can easily find a place with your phone. And just in case the GPS can’t get you where you need to go, it also includes Google Maps with navigation as well, along with all of Google Maps amazing uses.

The memory on this phone is nothing to sneeze at either. It has a 2 Gig memory card included, which can go up to a maximum of up to 32 gigs with the help of an extra memory card. The phone also has a wonderfully long battery life, with a possible 11 hours of talk time and nearly 26 days when it isn’t in use. That’s nearly a month without recharging!

The Samsung Galaxy Pro has been available in the United Kingdom since March, but the phone will arrive in other European countries, along with Asia, in the near future.

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