The 4 Best Free Online Gaming Sites


If you are looking for wonderfully time-consuming content, the internet will not disappoint. Sites like Facebook and Reddit give users the chance to catch up on the latest gossip and to gawk at the pictures of our friends and enemies alike. However, they are sorely lacking the kind of exciting content that you can get from a good online game. They don’t offer great selections like you would find on GoWild Online Casino Games.

Cyberspace is now a place of cutting-edge independent software and unlimited creativity. Whether you are a sucker for a fast-paced online shooter or a side-scrolling platformer, the internet has a ton of free options for you to try. Eager to get started? Here are our top picks of the best free online gaming sites so you can waste even more time on the computer than you already do:

The 4 Best Free Online Gaming Sites

  1. Kongregate

Now owned by the Gamestop, Kongregate has been an a great source of online games since was it introduced nearly a decade ago. Its boast a selection of nearly 70,000 free-to-play shooter, role-playing, action, puzzle, and online multiplayer games for gamers to enjoy.

  1. Armor Games

Before it was known as Armor Games, this site was called Games of Gondor. It is the perfect place for the gaming nerd inside of all of us and offers a deep, continuously expanding catalog of some of the Web’s more renowned online games as well as some alternatives that are quickly gaining popularity.

  1. Addicting Games

Addicting Games is one of the best free online gaming sites. It boasts the most extensive category list of all the sites on this list and incorporates cute shooters, categories for girls, and lots more. Although, its geared towards the teeny-bopper crowd, this Flash-based site has something for everyone.

  1. Newgrounds

Newgrounds is one of the best Flash-based game and animation sites on the internet. It also features music content and serves as an online art portal. It boasts a great selection of games from the action and adventure genres to more obscure simulation and adult only titles.

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