Where Apple Will Go Post-Steve Jobs


There are many places where Apple could go from here, but there are trends showing up in the industry that points to where Apple is actually headed.

All of Apple’s devices will become solar powered in the very near future according to the Solar Powered Patent the company received this year. This should be a relief to those of you who forget to charge your favorite devices.

Apple’s iCloud is a very popular service amongst its users. iCloud allows you to upload all of your favorite things and store them in a safe place without the fear of losing all of your personal content to a virus or catastrophic computer failure. The iCloud service allows all of your devices to access all of your content at anytime. It makes sharing your life with your friends and family a whole lot easier.

The future of the iPhone just got a little more interesting considering that they will have a new feature called the pico projector. The pico projector is a mini projector that allows you to view your content on the ceiling, a wall, or anywhere your heart desires.

Apple’s AirPlay application will soon become a necessary part of the home. The app was made for you to listen to your music wirelessly throughout your home. In other words, you can strategically place Apple friendly speaker devices in all of your rooms and be able to play music simultaneously throughout your home.

Apple TV is not a new concept it has been around for quite sometime, but with everyone feeling they need a change from cable, it has pushed this unlikely concept to the front of the line. Apple TV is a small device that allows you to stream both live and video content. Apple TV has many titles to choose from whether it be instant TV or movie rentals. Most titles are available the day they go on sale which sets Apple apart from the other companies who have to wait roughly 30 days after its home release date before they can begin to rent it out. You can also stream Netflix, MLB, MBA, and YouTube. As technology advances and Hollywood type studios begin to make strides in satellite streaming of first run films to theatres then you will see Apple TV at its best. You will be watching movies releasing straight to your television screens.

It seems when you were all focused on the latest Apple products that new steps toward “Smart Houses” were taking place. The HomePlug Powerline Network is a concept that has come about through many companies coming together and creating a way to incorporate all of your devices without having to constantly rewire your home when you bring home a new device. With the HomePlug Powerline Network you will be able to use your power outlets as conduits for data, audio, and video. Apple, seeing the value in this venture, has created and patented the Smart Home Energy Management Dashboard System. This device allows you to integrate all of your devices into your home without all of the hassle of purchasing new wires. This new technology will take your Apple experience to a whole new level. The Dashboard device can also help you to make your home into a “green home” by helping you to regulate your power usage. It will be able to track your usage and help you to make better decisions about your consumption.

All in all, the future is looking bright for Apple and its talented and energetic employees.

Amber Tate is a creative freelance writer for many different publications including the finance, business, and life insurance industry.

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