Why Good Copy is Key to Your Site’s Success


Ok, so you have spent a huge amount of time, effort and quite possibly money getting your website to a good strong position in the serps yet for some reason it still is not delivering the new clients or sales that you expected?


Take a good hard look at that website of yours, see it through the eyes of a prospective client, does it load quickly?

Is it easy to navigate?

Is it clean and crisp without to much clutter?

And MOST importantly is your potential client getting value from the content?

To many websites ignore copywriting in favour of a bland explanation about the business, there seems to be a real lack of thought that goes into arguably the most important factor of websites. I agree people need to know who you are and what your business sells but if that is near on or the same as your competitors site, then why should you win that client?

The key to keeping any traffic on your site is to engage with them!

Way too many sites have a high bounce rate because they’re plainly just boring, there is no spark or interest there to catch the browsers attention.

What is needed is to tune into your prospective clients mindset think what would keep you want to read on? Make your site a leader in its field by giving your traffic what they want!

Include at various points calls to action, not just one at the bottom of the page, make them want to do business with you rather than turning them off within the first few seconds, tempt them to read the whole page, try hinting at some valuable piece of information people browsing your site would want to know, BUT do not reveal it until the last paragraph, by all means build up the anticipation just keep them interested.

Try writing a couple of pages of content, then use split testing to see which gets the best results, Google webmaster tools has a free function to do this. The information from this can lead to surprising results, in our SEO company we constantly are split testing our clients sales pages, after all they want the highest results possible and we in return want to keep them happy clients way in to the future.

So to summarize , keep your copy engaging, offer value, link to other pages of interest on your site, make that client want to come back again and again. And don’t forget to capture there email address for future marketing purposes!

Matt Gent is an SEO consultant and partner at SEO Rank Tank , if you would like more information on the above blog or on copywriting vist our site.

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