Samsung Transform


Samsung Transform

Many believe that Samsung Transform would just be another variant of Galaxy S, perhaps a touch device to move parallel to any 4G Epic. However, it became a midst Android machine with a QWERTY side sliding keypad, leaving a lot disappointed because many are hoping for perhaps the third phone in the range of Sprint 4G. The transformation has some tricks up its sleeve, though, having the front camera for a 3G video conversation (if only to 3G) and a mean inspired by its look alike, Epic 4G. There is as well a chance for the new Sprint services ID, which provides the user customizable ID for packages on more private experience. Samsung Transform includes a 2GB microSD and conversion adapter cable microUSB / combo card.


Samsung Transform is undoubtedly transforming a 4G mini Epic. The style is different, but their “DNA” is unique. As the 4G epic transformation designs use very simple gray and black colors with a dominant position in front of the screen. The phone feels very superior, perhaps even more than the handset Epic that is believed to be such a classy handset. The keypad is diverse from that of Epic 4G, which we believe is a fine shaped. The keys are with good spaces just as much larger and are easy to grip. This is honestly one of the finest keypad one has ever used, and is perhaps the best we have viewed on a device by Samsung in the United States.

The format is good, although a bit thick. It is 15 mm thin, but is bigger and heavier in all dimensions. It is just a 10th of a pound less than the Epic 4G. There is a feeling of solidity with the phone although most Smartphones have the same feel in them. The Samsung Transform can be compared with all the other Smartphones manufactured today.

Samsung Transform has a 7.62 cm LCD panel with a 320×480 pixel LCD according to the resolution and size conversion but most of the users likes the AMOLED exhibit as Samsung is known for their wonderful, vivid and sharp AMOLED displays. TFT LCD is used to turn a 262K and natural images, but not surprise you with super-saturated colors and tremendously high contrast ratio. Overall, the resolution is far better than any other Smartphone with the same price range.

Unlike the Epic 4G, Samsung Transform made an addition with a voice dialing button under the power switch. The keys are all sitting well on the cover which will provide users a good sense on what keys you’re using so they won’t accidentally press a key that they’re not meant to use. Situated in the back of the Samsung Transform phone is its 3.2 mega pixel camera that is generating a few negative comments from users. All the other Samsung phones has high quality integrated camera and provided all the features, they are expecting more for imaging on the Samsung Transform.

Though the Samsung Transform has its own share of positive and negative comments, it all boils down to the user’s specific needs when deciding on buying the phone.

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