LG Fathom


LG Fathom

In an arena where everyone is claiming that they are the best, it can be pretty challenging for another to stand out.  This is exactly what LG Fathom has accomplished. It was able to stand out from the rest of the pack and create its niche in this saturated arena that is the smart phone industry. The prominence of the LG Fathom is largely due to a lot of factors which has endeared this exciting product to the hearts of its many users.

At first glance at the specifications of the LG Fathom you will be impressed. It boasts of the following specs: 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, a high resolution 800 x 480 highly sensitive touch screen, a huge QWERTY keyboard, GPS capability, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, EV-DO Rev. It is also a GSM-enabled phone too. With the built in keyboard which is highly functional, with a doubt, those who are into typing or encoding will definitely find the phone interesting. Incidentally, these specs are common for all smart phones using the Windows 7 platform.  With this, each user is assured of the reliability and stability that most Windows 7 smart phones are known for.

Most mobile phone experts however have one common complaint about the LG Fathom. Its design could use some creativity.  It is quite simple and unnoticeable. If not for its touch screen capability, it can be mistaken for a low-end phone. To compound its woes, the use of the stylus to navigate the LG phone is also one of the major arguments working against it. In today’s world where touch screens rule, using a stylus-based phone is a leap backwards and is generally not an appealing prospect to some users. Moreover, the LG Fathom’s call reception is not also that exceptional. It is able to perform the basic call functions with dignity but the sound quality is not that good.  However, using average phone standards, the phone’s call reception will pass with flying colors.

While the LG Fathom performs the essential functions which smart phones are known for, it does not in any way come close to the other phones of its kind which are available in the market. At best, it is a low end phone masquerading as a smart phone.

However, to the Windows aficionados, the LG Fathom may be something that they can potentially consider as interesting. With the entire traditional Windows feature found in the LG phone, certainly, this will be a good buy to the hardcore fans of Windows.

Pursuant to a consideration of the relevant features, the collective views of the mobile phone experts and actual functionality, the LG Fathom is not for those who don’t believe in the power of Windows. Otherwise, you will just be disappointed or worst, bored. Certainly, you want to get your money’s worth.  However, for those who have a sense for the uncanny, trying the LG Fathom may just become something that will provide spice and excitement.  As the saying goes, to each his own.

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