GV Mobile+ Naturally Brings Google Voice To The iPhone


GV Mobile+Apple has to more relax guidelines published in allowing 3rd party compilers in allowing the creation of iOS Apps such as Flash Professional CS5, the previously banned in the App Store the Google Voice Apps seems OK now. The first two native apps Google Voice has already been released and made public, the GV Mobile and the GV Connect. Seeing the approval of this Apps is a happy thing indeed. The GV Mobile+ is the center of focus here although in functionality both these Apps are very similar. Starting the use of Google Voice posed a minor disappointment for myself as you need to rely on the iPhone’s Web App. Google offers the Google Voice FREE, it lets you have one phone number that you can configure to call all of your phones or any of it which is a first off. You can make cheaper calls internationally, do SMS texting and voicemail.

Google Voice is Made into a First Class Citizen on the iPhone by GV Mobile+

Now when personally giving out number my Google Voice is most likely the one number to be given out. With this comes an option of setting up various individual or groups of people for different voicemail greetings and which you can control on what phone the call will be received. When in home office you can direct the call to your phone in the office. The rings will get through your iPhone when your on travel or somewhere. If you do not like the ringing of the phone to awaken you as you are asleep in a different time zone The “do not disturb” can be set into it. All the features of the Google Voice is given native access by GV Mobile+. Through the audio you can playback text messages or see transcriptions of it. Though TextNow App is a favorite you can receive or send SMS messages thru GV. Most important of all is Google Voice number has callerID to access iPhone contacts and make calls easily. Cellular minutes is actually used in receiving and making calls although Google Voice is FREE. But for international calls however, instead of roaming using the Google Voice can probably saves you money.

After checking out the other Apps before the (GV Connect) came out, the interface of those apps are not quite as good and they are less stable, so glad to find an app like this one. So at this point the GV Mobile+ is highly recommended in “Best App Site” as the better one.

Here in the App Store you can get the GV Mobile+.

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