Types Of XD Picture Cards


XD Picture Cards

Olympus created the XD memory card in coordination with Fujifilm. Memory cards that are really small which are for camcorders and digital cameras’ use are produced by this company. Their design of XD memory cards are perfected throughout the years, and created several various types since. Look at the letter beside the memory card capacity to find the type of memory card you need, it is listed on the front of the xD card.

Uses of XD Card

1.  Storing picture files in digital cameras is the function of XD memory cards. XD lets you use the pictures instantly and connects to the computer your camera, as against using film that needs a photo lab for developing. XD memory cards are used also for storage by some Fujifilm and Olympus camcorders rather than using video tapes.


2.  The memory card type M xD, is made by Fujifilm and Olympus in 2002. The original had speed issues, so they made the M+ card type which is faster by one-and-a-half times. And a better xD memory card type H is created. It is faster in speed than type M by about two to three times, his is ideal for use in taking fast pictures or in sports photography.


3.  Now that the design of the original memory card xD has seen many vast improvements as in M+ and H types, it’s been hard to find the M type. At the beginning of the xD memory card invention those cameras that came out with it can use all three types which is really lucky for them. M+ and H will work if you’re unable to find the M type anymore.


4.  Because the names are similar, SD memory cards and xD memory cards are often confused with one another. They can’t be interchangeably used, even though they are both thin, lightweight and small. With no consideration with one another either SD or xD memory cards are used by most cameras. Prior to any xD memory card purchase confirm first the type requirement of your camera.


5.  SD (Secure Digital) memory cards have now overshadowed xD cards although at the start they were really popular. The production of XD cards because of this are expected to halt. As Olympus has started making SD favored digital cameras more than xD memory cards.

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