The Basics Of Online Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is growing as a new way to make money online. Breaking into this business, however, is not so easy, and making it successful is even harder. Here are the ideal guidelines for making it in affiliate marketing.

Getting Started

In online jargon a beginner is called a newbie. A newbie affiliate marketer must learn how to learn. Most of the best affiliate marketing experts give away free reports, Ebooks, videos, and even complete affiliate marketing courses. Affiliate marketers will give away valuable information in exchange for signing up for their email list. A good strategy would be to set up a separate email account just to opt in to get free training information. Internet forums are a great place to make contacts and ask questions. Marketers will always try to sell you something. Successful marketers realize that by giving away information and tips they build their list of contacts and also their credibility.

Be cautious of get rich quick instant “one click systems”, a lot of unethical Internet marketers target newbies with grandiose claims of instant wealth. Try to research and find reputable marketers to learn from. It is important to have solid training to guide you through the basics. Concentrate on learning the process, as opposed to making money. It is likely you won’t make much money in your initial campaigns, but by learning along the way you will be able to have success and be able to duplicate it repeatedly.

Online Affiliate Marketing To Do Checklist

Each of these steps take hours or even days to understand how to do. Some of the steps can be done simultaneously, and some steps can be done in a slightly different order.

  1. Pick your Niche
  2. Find a Reliable Affiliate Offer for a product in your niche. Get affiliate hoplink URL and check out any additional any affiliate marketing tools they might offer.
  3. Find Keyword(s) for the niche and your product.
  4. Pick a Domain Name for a website that includes the keyword(s). The best domain name would be the product name if it is available.
  5. Setup an email auto responder like Aweber or Icontact.
  6. Setup a squeeze page on your website to capture email addresses. Offer value, such as a free Ebook relevant to your niche. You can use a PLR ebook or report. You can also use any material provided by the product seller as affiliate marketing tool if it is appropriate.
  7. Drive traffic to your website and squeeze page. Set up seven email followup messages the first with your free download offer. Have additional free content and relation building content in three of the emails and three of the emails sell your affiliate offer.

That’s quite a list of things to do. Without initial training and guidance it is impossible to explain all the basic steps thoroughly. Online Affiliate marketing can be very profitable, if the basics are acquired from reliable experienced instruction.

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