iPad Latest Firmware: Will it provide all the anticipated Features


Since its release Apple’s tablet device iPad has caused some huge stirs in the market. After its launch, iPad triggered tablet frenzy in the consumer electronics and all big names in the industry including the likes of Dell, Samsung, HP and even Blackberry rushed to launch their versions of Tablet. Till now, iPad is still the King despite of getting grilled by critic’s world over and also being criticized by the bloggers on the web.

Recently in a latest turn of events Cupertino based Tech giant Apple has announced that they are going to release highly anticipated software or more appropriately said firmware upgrade this month that will introduce some cool new features.

The official webpage of Apple yesterday got an Orange colored “Coming Soon” label. The upcoming latest version of software for Apple’s Tablet is termed as iOS 4.2 and according to Apple this latest firmware will bring a total of almost 100 new and innovative features in iPad.

So finally after getting lots of complaints about iPad’s limitations on the software front, the company has introduced the options like multi-tasking or the ability to run multitude of apps together on the iPad.

Apple has also said in a press release that this firmware will also introduce abilities like organization into folders and enhancements in the email and web browsing features. The tablet will also be powered by Game Center that allows the integration of social networking realm with the gaming domain on the Tablet.

So finally, Apple has shifted its focus back to tablet consumer market. This step is to further consolidate and garner the widespread attention that this Slate computer of Apple has got. Let’s see that whether all these updates will cool down the critics and the tech savvy bloggers who always tagged iPad as a large size iPhone.

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