Five Reasons Why Pilots Should Wear David Clark


Thick ear pieces and green domes: these are the two stand-out features on David Clark headsets. While they may not be the most aesthetically appealing headsets for everyone, they provide some of the most practical benefits around for any pilot. Choosing headsets is important for all pilots because you need them for communication. Plus, you will wear them for a significant period of time, so you certainly don’t want to choose old-fashioned basic walkman quality headsets.

There are five main reasons to choose David Clark headsets for flying time:


David Clark headsets are among some of the best quality in the world, and SkyGeek is proud to sell them. A cheap headset may be inviting if you are a thrifty kind of shopper, but it won’t do you any good if it breaks apart. SkyGeek only sells quality headsets, including the David Clark H10 models.


There’s only so much room in an airplane, and you want to prepare to be as comfortable as possible during your flight. David Clark headsets have extra padding within those large green domes so you can experience the ultimate of comfort while wearing them. In fact, many users ironically forget about them after wearing them for so long.

Ultimate Noise Protection

Any association with airplanes is loud work. You want to make sure that your eardrums are protected against some of the loudest noises known to man through your headsets. At the same time, the David Clark headsets offer just the right audio level while blocking out excess noise.

Long-term Ear Protection

Flying is a hobby for some people, while it is a career choice for many pilots. Regardless of how much you fly, any amount can cause damage to the ears over a long period of time. While the David Clark headsets protect your ears from the incessant noises associated with flying planes, they are also the ultimate choice in long-term ear protection.

To Be Yoda

David Clark headsets are among some of the favorites at SkyGeek because they have a Yoda-like feel to them that all Star Wars fans can appreciate. Even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan, nothing commands your attention as much as a set from David Clark. The distinctiveness of the design has “leader” written all over them.

Shop all the varieties of David Clark headsets from SkyGeek to see all the choices you have. Some common types include:

  • Listen-only stereo headsets
  • Listen-only aviation headsets
  • Helicopter headsets
  • Impedance headsets
  • Ground support headsets
  • Headset-helmet combination kits

There are so many selections of David Clark headsets to choose from, and the friendly SkyGeek staff can help you make the best decision. The SkyGeek company is more than just an online aviation parts store—it is a family-run company dedicated to make the lives of other family pilots better. You can be assured that your David Clark headset will be of the best quality and deliver just the right features you want. Also, our shopping process makes it easy to purchase and have your headsets within as little as three days.

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  1. But why have the puke green domes when you can have all those features you talked about, quality of product, AND look good too?

    The Squawk Shoppe headsets have all that. Check it out for yourself. You might just buy one. Seriously.

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