Apple iMac Desktop (Thunderbolt)


Apple iMac desktop (Thunderbolt)

Coming to the market with a boom the new apple iMac has 2G Intel-core processor. Called as thunderbolt the pc is the fastest pc in the market. With 21.5 inch screen the new iMac comes with 500 hard drive and 4GB ram. That is a lot space, if you desire to stuff things into a pc and 4GB ram add sugar to the cream. Still if you thirst for more space you can easily connect external drive.  The pc has i5 processor and AMD Radeon High Definition 6750M graphics which is suitable to DX11.

The new apple looks just like last i3 core model. With wireless mouse, keyboard and same screen size but is quite rapid. In fact thunderbolt is equipped with 10Gbps which is faster if it is compared with Usb 2.0, 3.0 and related devices. Connecting with other devices will not cause hindrance in its performance that is why it is named thunderbolt. Not solely it is speedy, the pc is the fastest pc when running windows 7. When tests like hand brake, windows and Photoshop were performed iMac hammered all! Expect ET2400IGTS-800S model of Asus because the pc had the same processor.

With a Mac os 10.6 the pc has Double-Layer Rewritable DVD.  The new apple defeated all other pc at vantage test. IMac scored more than 8000 points and when3D was conducted the points were even higher 19,397 points. Adding to its charm the new pc tops the performance charts for non touch systems.  Although it lacks touch screen but the software that iMac uses is way off than other touch screen PCs. Also it is cheap if we compare to systems of its class. Which have little software, the new Mac is far more stylish than other PCs.

Having all these features iMac lacks upgrade ability also no apple Mac has blue ray but it has a good life for people who want their pc to live long iMac can be a good choice.  It is less expensive, stylish, elegant and quite faster. Posse’s good graphic card and this is a plus point for running games. The pc is not equipped with bolt ware. But these are the things that are there with a board “ready to sell. Apple is armed with superb ilife suite that has tunes, photos and much more including garageband.

Considering iMac as a pc would be a good choice indeed because it is fast, defeated all of its opponents on various performance tests and has topped the charts. Has huge hard drive for normal users. Good graphic cards, wireless mouse, keyboard and no one forgets 21.5 inch screen. The pc is best for people that are interested in main streaming and multimedia. If you are a Mac user you will fall in love with this new addition. As year passes apple adds new features to its product bring far better than ever the new iMac is far better than ever. But if you’re not than you have to try this pc because it fits the need for normal pc user.

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