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10 Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Should Avoid


Any person who calls himself a graphic designer should be aware of the 10 common mistakes graphic designers should avoid. These mistakes play a huge role in unnecessarily increasing the pre-press expenses when their designs are sent for printing. So, if you can help it, why not send work that is up to the mark and free from flaws? Here is how to do it.

What are the 10 Common Mistakes Graphics Designers Should Avoid and How to Avoid Them:

Here are the 10 common mistakes that graphic designers should avoid making if they wish to create designs that are a reflection of what their clients originally wanted.

1.Tips about using fonts:

The first and the most important rule that should be followed in case of using fonts is that the fonts used should be simple, attractive to look at and still very much legible.

The second point to be followed is that all the different fonts used in the design should be put in a PDF file and then sent for the proof. In case a designer forgets to send these; while printing, accidental changes may be made, ruining the original appeal of the design. This can even happen for fonts having the same name but under two separate companies.

2.Using Colour:

Just like our lives are dull without colour, so are our designs. But too much of good things can be a bad thing too. The point being, that colours can instantly jazz up your design, if you keep the combination simple and not use too many of them. Ideally, three colours should be the limit as they increase the cost of printing too.

3.Style commands:

It is a better idea to go to the main font menu to pick whatever style you want to set for your writing, be it bold or italic. If the option is not available there, it probably cannot be done, and therefore printed. Therefore, style commands are not recommended as they are sometimes there even if the option is not available in reality.

4.Nested Graphics:

One of the 10 common mistakes graphic designers should avoid is that no EPS graphic or image should be placed within another one. This type of practice almost guarantees the presence of errors and therefore it should definitely be avoided.

5.Problems While Editing:

Editing an image maybe quite essential and common in graphic design, but it should d be restricted to the original program from where they were taken. Otherwise, it may prevent or slow down the process of getting the output in high resolution.

6.Get the proper tools:

If you are working, using Microsoft office, it is hardly suitable for presses or image setters that have high resolution, e.g. Adobe creative suite. So, get yourself the right program if you want to avoid the 10 common mistakes that graphic designers should avoid.

7.Do verify what programs are supported:

Before you even start your designing process, you should go and find out which program your shop prefers or is able to work with. Then get that, or you will end up paying much more.

8.Contact details:

Make sure that your employer knows how to get in touch with you if he needs to. In case he needs the design within a specified date and you don’t provide it, unless the employer can inform you of the trouble, he will either deduct your fees or put your job on hold.

9.Take care of the media:

If you don’t want to make the common mistakes that graphic designers should avoid, you should ideally be supplying your design in a format (preferably, ISO, single session) that is supported both by CDs, as well as DVDs. USB can also be an option.


It is a good idea to send a proof to your client as well. Once you are done with the design, send a proof of full size and in the exact format of the final copy that you have prepared. It must include all empty pages, information etc to let the client form a clear idea.

So, these are the 10 common mistakes that graphic designers should avoid making in order to supply work that lives up to their client’s expectations.

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  1. I would like to another mistake that most designer did; in project time after getting all instruction they maintain inconsistence communication which causes need many proof. Which may bored to client.

    Whatever, you picked up most of scenario.
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