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Attaining goals is never easy, thanks to the tons of distractions that come our way. Same applies to our weight loss goals. Being a blogger, it becomes even more difficult. Don’t worry. I have devised a new way to blog – the healthy blogging. Getting inspiration from top-notch health programs like Medifast and Nustrisystem, I started my journey towards healthy blogging a year back and here I am; Hale and Healthy once again!

It is never fair to enjoy anything alone, so I am sharing the tips that are backed by some solid research and I hope they will help you get out of the health problems soon. After all, a healthy body and an active mind is our birth right (smiles).

Taking Photos of After & Before Phases

First and foremost, I captured my “not-so-great” photographs, when I started my journey to loose weight and have an ideal fitness level. They were not so good-looking, no doubt. But, since they sucked, they motivated me to get going and change myself.

Now, when I see myself sitting on my computer chair with a fit and in-shape body, I remember the days, when I had big chunk of fat. For this end to accomplish well, buy a good camera at heavily discounted price by making best use of online coupon.

Double-Check the Ingredients List

Does it sound strange? Yes, it does. But you have no other option. Before falling for any food item, packed or unpacked, get to know the ingredients and calorie count. Consuming too much oil and fry food is not a good idea.

Cheese is your greatest enemy, when it comes to loosing weight. Breads are yet another one in the list of health-declining items. However, they seem to have become an integral part of the diet of the bloggers, and only your strong determination can help you come out of this dilemma.

Admit it at Once

So what if you have an overweight problem? Admit it publicly with your blogger friends and online community or group. This will certainly help, although it takes courage to take this step, but will surely give you a boost when you get out achieving your weight loss goal.

Tell your family about your goal so that you get motivation from there as well. You can also seek useful tips from your friends, who might have gone through the same process. Same applies to your professional life as well. Accepting problems are the first step towards solving them.

Follow your Favorite

Which niche you decided the first time you decided to blog? It most probably was the one that you liked like latest gadgets or photography.

When it comes to exercising, no exercise is best for everyone. You may like to swim, so swim. If running gives you fun, get your sports shoes and run. Do whatever you like, but make it a habit to do it regularly. However, you need to fix days of the week, when you would exercise.

Irfan writes for, a new internet publication that specializes in Nutrition and Fitness advice for women over 35. One of the articles in the website talks about the advantages of home-based training equipment like the TRX Suspension Trainer.

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