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Checklist for Choosing a Web Host for Your WordPress Blog


So, you’ve had enough of those success stories narrating the experience of a 15 years old managing to earn thousands by starting a run-of-the-mill type blog? And you are thinking that it’s time I launch half a dozen blogs of my own on some of those money-spinning niches? While I have some serious reservations regarding the success stories of 15 years olds earning fortunes via blogs, I will still applaud you for taking the right decision, as long as you are looking to stay within the ethical limits, and not looking to use some shoddy tactics for making money online (e.g. auto blogging, or spamming).

The first thing that you will need to have is, of course, a blog, and chances are that you don’t even know the ABC of web development or web designing, but you don’t need to fret, because there are many scripts and templates available for free that will let you launch a blog in next to no time, with WordPress being unarguably the best. The next thing you need is a web host, and it is slightly trickier than downloading and installing a wordpress script, mainly because there are just so many options and technical jargon that makes it difficult for a layman to pick the best from the rest. While WordPress hosting is not different than the standard hosting, but you must take into account the following points when choosing a host for your WordPress blog.

One click restoration:

If you are lucky, you’ll never have to use this feature, but that doesn’t mean it is a luxury that you can afford to miss. One click restoration feature can be a big help in case your blog gets attacked by some hacker or some files get corrupt for whatever reasons. In these cases, you can restore to some earlier point of reference from recent past by using this feature, instead of going through all the uploading, installing, and settings, where you’re bound to lose some valuable data.

Regular Backups:

In case of some complication, you can restore to an earlier date only if you were saving the backups. You can do it yourself while using the built-in tool at the dashboard or some of those freely available plugins, but still having it done on regular basis on part of web hosts will be a big help, saving you quite some time and hassle.


Are the WordPress blogs more vulnerable than the static websites? Probably not, especially if you are taking the safety measures, but then it is not an invincible fort either, especially when you have no technical know-how of file permissions and the possible loopholes that make a website vulnerable for hackers, there’s every chance that you might fail to take the necessary preventive measures. Therefore, having some added layers of security and technical support from the host’s side will be a great help.

Easy to upgrade:

Many bloggers have seen their blogs growing unexpectedly to enormous proportions, and while it is a good thing, the limited hosting plan can make it difficult to manage the traffic. Therefore, if you are starting with a unique idea and spending good enough time on content creation, Search Engine Optimization, and social networking, such growth is always on cards. While you shouldn’t be starting from a dedicated host or unlimited hosting plan, you must go for a host that provides flexible upgrading options, so that you wouldn’t have to transfer your blog from one host to another after some time.

Technical support:

As I’ve earlier suggested, a big majority of wannabe bloggers don’t know anything about the technicalities like uploading the wordpress script to your host, configuring the files, installing, making changes to permalinks or .htaccess and all. Having some technical staff that is well equipped with all the WordPress related information will surely help, not only in the start, but throughout your blogging career.

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