Increasing Brand Exposure With Promotional Merchandise


Increasing brand exposure is a positive process that can bring fantastic results to any business. Provided that promotional campaigns are carefully considered, creative promotional merchandise can increase your brand exposure with huge impact.

Many companies make use of promotional marketing merchandise, yet it doesn’t just stop at mouse mats and coffee mugs. Using creatively designed materials can be hugely beneficial to companies that choose to expose their brand using personalised products.

It is possible to announce special offers, events, exhibitions and more by conducting specifically targeted marketing campaigns using effective branded promotional items. With the addition of marketing products to standard offline promotions, your campaigns can genuinely benefit from the powerful tools that are promotional merchandise.

Simply put, the character of your campaign will mean the difference between success and failure. By making use of products that are useful so that they are kept for a longer period of time, its possible to increase how memorable your company name and brand is – making your campaign work successfully, and preferably with minimum impact on your budget.

Leaflets & Flyers

By having your logo or brand printed onto simple flyers or leaflets and handing them out without consideration for your target market can end up being a huge time wasting effort. It can prove costly too if you have chosen to design leaflets yourself, you may think the wording is perfect – but your audience may not.

Specific marketing companies realise that the importance put on a simple leaflet, flyer or personalised merchandise can increase the chances of attracting the perfect customer and making your business name more memorable. By teaming good design, branding and wording then giving your brand exposure in the right locations, gives any UK Business has a greater chance of exposing the company to the ideal target market. In turn, this can increase the chance of success and bring clients to your door.

It is important, however, to ensure that proper research is conducted. By approaching a marketing company who have conducted projects successfully in your industry, or indeed who have the expertise and the evidence that they can build a positive campaign for you, you can avoid wasting all or part of your budget.

Marketing Merchandise

Clever use of merchandise is important.

Aside from the standard leaflet or flyer, there are personalised corporate products on the market that have been designed to be useful and functional, making fantastic executive gifts without hitting your budget too hard.

Using stationery, corporate gifts, giveaway products and more is a good way of exposing your brand at every single opportunity. Sending personalised pens with postal quotations and individualised USB connectors with your Christmas cards, you can reach out to existing and potential customers who are looking for your products or services.

Giving away free pens, mini staplers, post it notes and other desk items can help to ensure that your brand or logo is in full view of those that matter. If consumers or businesses don’t want to use you right away, your name has a great chance of popping into the heads of the decision makers – because they recognise your brand. Often subliminally, subtly marketing your brand can create a real buzz.

Customer Expectations

Using marketing merchandise offers today’s UK business wonderful opportunities to build trust and reputation too. However, there is little point in losing that chance by selecting goods that do not match the quality of your products or service.

High-end luxury executive gifts such as inscribed pens, engraved key rings and branded sports equipment can give ultimate exposure, and may be exactly what your potential or existing customers expect of you. In the same way, a green business who promotes the fact that they focus on being eco friendly may disappoint clients if they print onto thousands of plastic throwaway cups or bags.

The customer’s expectations, usefulness, and quality will promote your brand only if there is a positive association between your brand and the promotional merchandise you choose to use as a marketing tool.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Some of our favourite promotional merchandise offer all of the above characteristics and are ideal for online businesses. Items like sim card devices, USB memory sticks, sports and travel items and eco friendly products – because more and more people are ‘green aware’.

We are one of the leading suppliers of promotional merchandise such as corporate gifts, branded clothing and other useful products in the UK. We aim to supply our clients with affordable solutions and superior knowledge of the marketing industry in order to help with marketing campaigns that are proven to work.

Speak to our friendly team today about personalised solutions for your business.

This article was wrote by Louisa at Clubnet Search Marketing, a search marketing agency, on behalf of Print Asia, a leading supplier of promotional merchandise and customisable products.

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