Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Mobile Phone


Choosing a new cellphone can be a very big challenge in today’s world since they are no longer only used to make calls or send messages, but offer a wide range of other possibilities which allow you to do everyday chores. The most frequent question asked to a cell phone reviewer is “What cellphone should I go for?”, since the choices are seemingly endless courtesy to number of smartphone brands.

Today, a cellphone aids in almost everything we do. It is your constant companion which helps you enjoy music, take pictures, play games, watch news, monitor your workout and so much more. Hence, you should be very picky when choosing your new smartphone as the new device could provide you an endless pleasure.

Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Mobile Phone

Here we will discuss top 5 things, you should consider before buying your new mobile device.

What Features you Require?

Buying a cellphone to help you with just phone calls and text messaging is easy, you can opt for any cheap Nokia or Motorola phone. But buying a smartphone with extensive features is a whole different story. You need to be certain of what feature you require in your smartphone. For instance, smartphones like Galaxy Note Edge offer all major features plus a stylus pen which you might not need, so paying extra for a feature you won’t use is pointless. Similarly, some people are comfortable typing on a physical QWERTY keypad rather than using touch screen.

Select a smartphone that has the latest camera features, great battery life and entertainment features under your budget. For saving money on your purchase use sites like and find out a good deal.

Choosing the Right OS

Choosing the right OS for your phone is of utmost importance. The 3 most popular OS available right now include:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Windows

Android by Google is popular because the fact that it is an open source project which means it is a plus point for developers to choose a smartphone that has Android to make new applications. This gives Android an edge over iOS. Moreover, Android is very user friendly and offers great flexibility. The Google play store has more than one million apps available for download.

iOS is integrated with iTunes and Safari web mobile. The latest iOS 7 offers a cleaner look with a new control center to quickly change settings. The iTunes radio and Siri are what you won’t find in Android, plus most of the applications and games are first available on iOS and then on android.

Microsoft Windows available in Nokia Lumia range offers a bold interface with large live tiles on the main screen that display updates. These tiles could be organized and resized according to your desire. Microsoft outlook integration, Xbox games and office are some unique features of the Microsoft OS. Compared to Android and iOS, Windows has only one-fifth of the applications. Understand, which mobile platform suits you the best and buy accordingly.

The Nokia Lumia range starts from 5,600 INR, Apple iPhone 4 starts at 12,499 INR, whereas  Samsung Mobile price list for its favorite Galaxy series begins from 2500 INR.

Display Size

Bigger screen matters for most buyers today. A 5 inch screen smartphone is not considered massive now, in fact they account for 20 percent of all smartphones sold. A large screen is favorable for watching HD movies, streaming online videos, playing video games or browsing photos. These phones sure provide a tremendous display with a generous typing area, but can pose portability issues.

Nevertheless, phones with smaller displays such as iPhone 5s with a 4-inch screen are more pocket friendly with all the essential features you would require in a smartphone.

If you are a fan of big screen, go for either Windows or an Android phone.

Storage Capacity

Since your smartphone is going to store all your favorite TV shows, pictures, videos, documents, applications and games it is important that it has a decent storage space. Although some phones offer an external SD card slot to increase the memory, but it is wise to opt for a high internal memory cell phone. A standard 16 GB is usually enough, but to stay on the safe side, choose a phone that has at least 32 GB of internal storage.

Phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 offer an external micro SD card slot to increase the storage capacity.

Processor and Speed

Having a significant amount of RAM plays a crucial role in how quickly your smartphone will respond. Currently, the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon is the leading processor in Android and Windows phones. Smartphones today are usually equipped with a Quad core processor to run the latest applications and games. The higher the RAM of the phone, the faster it will perform.


Buying a new smartphone is not really that difficult if you know exactly what features, size, speed you are comfortable with. By following the 5 steps we mentioned above, you can easily buy your new smartphone within your budget.

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