The Best Ways To Market To Different Demographics


Marketing a product or service with potentially wide appeal can be difficult because your advertisements may be too generic. Everyone has seen them before, and you aren’t actually hitting on the core issue for each of the people you’re trying to reach. The solution is to market to different demographics, changing your strategy to tailor your marketing to each of the demographics you are trying to reach. Here are some of the best strategies to use:

1. Remember Print Advertisements: Online advertising is the first thing most marketers think of these days, but don’t forget about the power of print, particularly when you’re trying to reach an older demographic. Direct mail is often effective for older folks who enjoy receiving mail the traditional way. Magazine ads can also help you reach people with a particular interest, and who are interested enough to pay for a magazine subscription!

2. Purchase Targeted Ads: Many of the top websites for advertising, including Facebook, allow you to target your advertisements to people of specific demographics. Create a different ad for each of the demographics you plan to reach and target it toward them. You can have separate ads for men and women, and for people of different educational backgrounds, occupations, or ages.

3. Content Marketing is Rising: Although it may sound counterintuitive, content marketing is actually one of the most powerful types, and it doesn’t include much direct reference to your product. Many people these days are tired of seeing ads, but are still hungry for information or for interesting things to read or watch. Starting a blog allows you to create posts for many different kinds of people, and maintain them in the same place. You’ll build authority and are likely to see your search traffic from each of the demographics increase as you draw them to your site with interesting and informative content.

4. Utilize Mobile Marketing: Particularly within the younger demographic, people are more attached to their mobile phones now than ever. Therefore, mobile marketing is a great way to reach them. Mobile advertising agencies can help you design specific campaigns that are also targeted at locations to get even better results. While it’s difficult to manage campaigns across so many platforms on your own, using mobile advertising agencies makes the process simpler.

Marketing often requires a different approach for each demographic, so it’s important to diversify your targeting strategies without spreading yourself too thin. Hiring experts in each area can help you market more effectively and reach the demographics that you are looking to as your primary customers. You can even integrate your strategies across each method to present a cohesive marketing campaign.

Alex Nieland provides editorial on the mobile marketing industry. Mr. Nieland has written about the latest tips, trends, and statistics within the mobile advertising sector.

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