Best and Worst Business Pick Up Lines


In business you have to interact with people. Irrespective of your field of specialization, in one way or another you have to interact with your clients as well as your colleagues in business. It is thus paramount to know how to create a good rapport with people especially those we meet for the first time in forums like conferences and trade shows. Discussed below are the best and worst business pickup lines to employ in your day to day encounter with people.

Best business pickup lines

When you approach a small group of people in a conversation, always ask “Am I interrupting?”

This is a kind way of joining a group of people in a conversation. It is has been proven over the years to work pretty well. This is because the participants will feel comfortable with you around knowing that you are not there to derail their conversation. If they are discussing private issues they will let you know but if not, they will just tell you that you are not interrupting and welcome you to join them. This is a golden opportunity to sell your business ideas as well as products as you continue with the discussion. You should however be careful not to steal the show since you are the one who has joined them and not them joining you.

Read people’s name on the badge

When you are in a conference or a trade show for instance, everyone usually has a badge with his name on it. It will be a great way of starting a conversation with a person you have never met by simply calling them by their names. It always works magic when you call someone by their name. When you use this approach to create a rapport, there is no one who can ignore you. This is because people usually have a tendency of asking people names even when they have that badge. When you go the extra mile and call someone by name, definitely they will spare several minutes to spend with you. After you have gotten the attention of the person, you can either use one of these business pick up lines.

Can I join you?”- This is usually applicable at tea break or when you are having lunch. Make sure that you use this pickup line before joining people on a table since it will be an uphill task to introduce yourself afterwards.

I am stopping seemingly intelligent people?”-This is a good way of stopping someone especially when you want to enquire something from them.

“I am working on a fun project and was hoping I could rope you in.”-this is an amusing way of creating a rapport with a business person. Soon after introduction, say about the fun project you had mentioned. This can bring a great discussion and you may end brain storming and getting great ideas from such a discussion.

Acknowledge something about people

If someone is not wearing a badge and you want to attract their attention you can say something good to acknowledge them. For instance, “Love your suit,” “That’s a classy purse” and so forth just to get their attention. Flattering works in all avenues including business. People like to be appreciated since it takes their self confidence notches higher.

Worst business pickup lines

Presenting your business card instantly

It is not a good etiquette to start giving people your business card hardly after introducing yourself. You can bet for sure most of the business cards that are issued in this way usually ends up in the dustbin. First impression is very critical and when you behave in such a manner it implies that you are not civilized and well cultured. You should only give someone your business card after creating a good rapport or in a setting like a conference where is mandatory to issue your business card first.

Being too helpful too early

Never meet with someone and immediately start asking them “How can I help you?” It is good to ask but not too early at least you should be courteous enough to say a word of hello then proceed to ask how you can help.

It is also worth noting that when you are introducing yourself to a new person you should look them into their eyes, say your name as you extend your hand to shake theirs.

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