DC25 Animal from Dyson


DC25 Animal from DysonSince I am a stingy person, I really was wondering about writing a review about a vacuum cleaner which is priced $549. Otherwise, as a common man I would always prefer to buy local vacuum cleaner at the nearby store for just $100. But after seeing Dyson I have changed my opinion. It is just a great piece and is really worth for that amount.

Review: I was wondering what on earth does a vacuum cleaner is capable of doing for such a huge price of 549 dollars. This cleaner from Dyson is really sucking anything and everything. You will be surprised to see the quantity of dust particles it sucks from your floor carpet when you use it initially. If you live in an area prone to dust then whatever ways you are trying to clean your house using a cleaner does not always work. Again lot of dust will get accumulated when a wind blows. On such occasions, it is a boon to have this piece from Dyson. This model cleans the place very efficiently such that the carpet was looking new and all the dust particles are removed from it.

This cleaner is labeled as DC25 Animal and is a product of Dyson. It has got a name ‘animal’ included in the label, because, it cleans your pet like you since it has been designed in particular for cleaning pet animals. Since I am fond of cats and since I am already having three cats here it is not uncommon to see the cat hair split here and there. It is difficult to dust the furniture and keep them clean daily. I am worried about the unnecessary attachments given with any vacuum cleaner. I usually think about the accessory ‘upholstery brush’ and ponder there is no meaning of including any extra attachments which is not going to work properly. But I have to admit openly this view of mine is totally wrong with Dyson. In future, I need not remove the couch cushions for cleaning the inner parts, since DC25 cleans them by spinning method. Whenever I just touched the mini turbine by the given hose it starts spinning. That is really great and it made me to change my opinion that this vacuum cleaner is worth for that price.

One thing that irritated me about this model was the mini turbine again. There is no correct place to keep the turbine attached to the cleaner, and hence you must keep that in some safe place and again you should remember where you have kept it. I have seen in other models the unit literally snaps into the subject of cleaning but in Dyson it is not so. I observed one issue with the beater also. The beater absorbs the hair in its brush and it is painful to clean that every time you use the beater. I wish there would be some blade to prevent the hair from sticking into the surface of the brush of the beater.

Good: The DC25 Vacuum cleaner does not loses suction and all the attachments given are easy to operate. Dust catcher is one such attachment and it is simple to dismantle it and assemble it in the unit.

Bad: The only minus factor with this machine is its ‘Price’.

To conclude, I am really fond of this model from Dyson. If you can manage, then it is worth buying DC25 Animal vacuum cleaner.

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