Why 50% Of Your Customers Check Your Social Media Before Buying


Face it: these days, you really could no longer be considered “relevant” if you don’t at least have an account on any social media platform, more so if you actually have a business to run, and a brand to protect and market.

But what many businesses don’t understand is that prospective customers actually inspect social media websites before confirming a purchase – especially if they haven’t shopped on that website before.

The reason is that there are many tells on Facebook, Twitter and others that indicate a successful, popular and trustworthy brand – all of which you can see in the infographic below.

This means that not only do you need to have a network of social media accounts, you also need to make sure that you know how to get through to your audience, you know how to speak their language, and you know how to create attention-grabbing posts – and the right social media agency or your own social strategy can certainly help you out with that!

Infographic by Fabric Digital as part of their 60 Second Social Media Study.

Why 50% Of Your Customers Check Your Social Media Before Buying


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