Are Smart Phones Really That Smart?


Whatever brand it is made by, smart phones have pretty much become something that none of us can live without. While they offer a wide range of functions, countless apps, and many other weird and wonderful features, part of me still cannot help but think that somewhere, something has gone wrong.

I have experienced a number of issues with my own smartphone which, while not terminal or particularly serious, have led me to seriously ask whether they are all they are cracked up to be. Two in particular, I find especially frustrating.

Battery Life

This is undoubtedly the one I feel most passionately about. Especially as the guy in the phone store could not get enough of telling me how much better the battery life on this model was above all others. Yeah, smartphone battery life is amazing, if you basically keep your phone and do nothing with it. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, draining the battery, synching my emails and social media every two hours, draining the battery. Why have the added functions but not the battery to cope with the additional usage? Utter madness!

To rub salt in my already considerable wounds, I discover that “Extended Battery Life – There’s An App For That.” So I have to download something that will use battery life to tell me how to save battery life in another way? Makes sense.

Still, my favourite part is always when my phone beeps and lights up, using battery, to remind me my battery is almost rinsed.


I raised the point of slang and local colloquialisms not being in my telephone’s dictionary on Twitter recently, to which I was met with “your phone is made in Japan so it will not know regional English.” I’m sorry, but if I can use a stupid “Pirate” language on Facebook, and download almost any language or local dialect in the world, why can’t I get these pre-loaded onto my phone? I’m not asking for much, just the ability to not have to save hundreds of words during my early use of the phone, because it cannot figure out that SMH is an actual abbreviation, and I do not want it auto-correcting to “sky” or “Amy.”

Given the vast level of capability and possibilities available within a smartphone, having only the two criticisms is perhaps understandable. Battery drainage is a serious problem, however, and there will be some serious kudos for whoever comes up with a real alternative to continually using electricity to recharge phones, although “solar cell phones” do not look like they are going to be all that.

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