How to Avoid Data Loss and Corruption in Mac Machines


One of the biggest reasons due to which some files in your Mac suddenly ‘go missing’ is corruption of hard drive directory. Since the directory is responsible for containing accurate information about a file or data saved on the hard drive, its corruption results in inadequate information about the free and occupied spaces on the drive. This causes further data loss due to data overwriting and your files automatically go missing from their location. There can be various reasons responsible for the corruption of hard drive directory and some of the common ones are power outage, improper system shut down, bad sectors on hard drive, virus infection, etc.

However, it is rightly said that precaution is better than cure, so if you observe some precautions, then you for sure can avoid such unexpected data losses to some extend. Mentioned below are some effective strategies to avoid data loss from Mac:

  • Maintain Regular Backup of Your Data: Keeping backup of your data is always a good practice to overcome the loss, but performing data backup regularly is another aspect to keep the recent backup. You can do this manually or use some professional data backup tool, which can maintain regular backups of your data.

  • Have Strong Power Backup Plan: For avoiding abrupt machine shutdown due to interrupted power supply, it is recommended to have a strong power backup plan. If you are using Mac desktop, then having UPS is the best option to not bear improper machine shutdown caused due to sudden power loss.

  • Perform Proper Ejection of External Data Storage Devices: Switching the external storage device like FireWire drive before ejecting them from your Mac, causes the same effect as abrupt machine shut down causes when abrupt power loss occurs. Therefore, it is always recommended to eject these external drives properly from your Mac.

  • Time to Time Maintenance of Your Mac is Also Required: Routine maintenance of your Mac is also a strategy for avoiding data loss. The maintenance consists of regular backup, updating anti-virus software, running the virus scan for virus infection, and checking and repairing hard disk and disk permissions through ‘Fist Aid’ option of ‘Disk Utility’.

Despite following all these precautions, if you encountered data loss from your Mac, then use of an efficient Mac file recoveryis recommended. Reliable Mac file recovery software recovers your entire data or files that are lost due to corruption of hard drive directory or any other reason. Therefore, if you come across data loss from your Mac, then using a professional Mac file recoverytool is recommended.

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