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Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts


Social media marketing has grown in popularity in the recent past. However, most people still don’t understand that the use of social media started way before Facebook was developed in 2004. The use of social media can be traced back to 1990s’. However, it was in a different form. Social media is all about building of relationships. It first started in the form of discussion boards back in the 1990’s.

Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Most businesses are today using a social media management to ensure they increase their popularity and market their brand across a wide area. Have you ever seen a company’s personal social media or one which it too robotic?  Yes, we have seen it maybe once or twice or even a dozen of times. These examples are known to stand out much longer than the brands which are doing everything right. Here are some tactics every person should use and the most common mistakes too.

The DO’s

Time Matter: You need to find out the most appropriate time when your followers are active on social media. It is a great idea to post information at this time.

Know your real customers: The social media pages of your business should always be tailored to you customer base. You customers will never care about you. They will care about what you are capable of doing to them.

Share: We have always been told to learn to share since we were small kids. There are things that never change.  Sharing is one of them.

One Voice: Social media is one of the best platforms for sharing. However, you need to make sur your message is the same in all the channels you are posting to.

Never overdo it: You need to be active in your social media account. This is social media marketing and being dormant might not be beneficial to your business. However, never post many things.

Checklists: The checklists are known to be great in many aspects of life. Social media has been working very well with the checklists.

Originality: You need to be creative with your posts. You need to stand out from your competitors.

Customer Service: Customer service is very crucial and can play an important part in the success or downfall of a company.

The DON’Ts

Neglect: Most people think they are ok by just having Twitter and Facebook accounts. You will have to use the accounts to make them have a positive impact on your business.

Forget to Network: For you to be able to develop your brand, you need to build on relationships and network. The use of social media is not any different. If you have a good impression, you will definitely be able to work in a word to mouth shootouts.

Excess Automation: You are meant to lose the personal touch with your clients if it seems they are speaking to the computers. You need to humanize your brand.

Not responding: It is important to engage your customers. Customer will always feel no one cares for them if there is no engagement.

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