Team Time Tracking Software – How Can It Be Useful?


As you add more members to your team, it can be quite a hassle to keep track of their activities and make sure that they are using the work time productively. This makes it important to find a high-quality team time tracking software. Read on and find out how a good team time tracker can be useful for your organization.

Team Time Tracking Software – How Can It Be Useful

Completely Automated Time Tracker Online

This type of app can be automated completely, and you will not need to manually operate it each time that you need it. You can simply use keywords, such as the name of a client, and track the task automatically with the keyword in title. It will also be possible for you to separate the time into small time periods and allot each part of the project to a specific team member. Every time you set up a new client, the software will store the client name automatically as a keyword.

Detailed Sheets and Reports

With the help of online time tracker for teams, you can easily create invoices, asana timesheets and reports. With the help of these functions, you can easily assimilate the entire time spent by your team on a project to the total time that you have got from the client. With the ability to create sheets and reports, you can easily get a summarized view of the time used by each team member and the status of the project at any given period.

Easy Assigning of Projects

You can simply assign a team leader to allot projects to each member of the team and also assign a specific time period within which it is supposed to be completed. This can help you to quickly ensure that every member in the team is being kept track of, and the team leader knows who is handling which project and when. You can edit this completely, and be able to revise it at any time that you want.

Automatic Time-Capturing Feature

This kind of software can also let you track the name of the file along with the program that you are making use of. You can also record the titles as well as the web addresses of the web pages. Some of these apps can also list the email subject that you are typing in order to keep track of the time that is spent on writing emails. Such type of feature can help account for each minute of the day, showing how your employees spent their valuable work time.

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