Red Alert 3 Uprising: Command and Conquer


Red alert 3 uprising-command and conquer

The red alert 3, if you haven’t played this game then what are you waiting for, or do you have you completed all your missions in red alert 3. No you haven’t, there is still more missions for you to complete in Red alert 3 uprising. Red alert 3 uprising campaign is a storyline extension from the original Red alert 3 so if you haven’t played the original Red alert 3 then I would advise you to purchase and play the Original Red alert 3 first before you get this exiting experience of red alert 3 uprising.

Red alert 3 focuses solely for an offline single user player experience and wouldn’t be recommended for anyone looking for a multiplayer experience. It’s has more advanced features than the red alert 3, including more single player missions more units did I say cheeks oh No! Hot cheeks thrown into the scene. You actually don’t need to own the red alert 3 original to play Red alert 3 uprising this is a stand-alone extension. The only shortcoming is that you can finish the whole missions over a weekend especially if you are playing the easy mode.

There are a few units in red alert 3 you will be introduced to as you continue your continue with your campaigns. The units are interesting and fun to play although some are abit tough and quite challenging. An example is the new Allied Harbinger gunship and the Empire’s Giga Fortress. This is not a game you will get bored with since unlike other games where you are required to overcome your enemy here you are required to outsmart them. Just like the original you play missions for the allies, soviet and also for the empire of the Rising sun (Japanese).

The missions have a variety in some you and your co-commander are required to build a massive unit and sometimes you will be given handful units to complete. There is also an additional campaign of Yuriko Omega, the psychic school girl commando of the empire forces. The campaigns are not like the traditional build and conquer campaign it’s more of a hero campaign. You control Yuriko and Yuriko herself thought the missions using the keyboard shortcuts.

The game is quite short and interesting with more missions added, if you miss the ladies they are back in Red Alert 3 Uprising and more are added like Holly Valance as the news caster of for the Yuriko Omega. Am sure you will be interested with the continuation of the story aftermath.

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