The New HTC EVO 3D Smartphone From Sprint, And What It Can Do


The New HTC EVO 3D Smartphone From Sprint, And What It Can Do

Newly announced from Sprint comes the HTC EVO 3D Smartphone, a brand new phone with many intriguing capabilities. You can enjoy what you have always been used to from a Smartphone—quality streaming, video, and website navigation at the touch of a finger, all in a new high definition display. That’s not all though. Add in some cameras, more computer power, and a lot of internet access, and your got yourself a veritable hand-held desktop computer!

With this new phone, the display has been upgraded to something even better than before: a 4.3 inch quarter-high-definition auto-stereoscopic 3D display. Auto- stereoscopic technology is also called “glasses-free 3D.” What this techie stuff means is that the HTC EVO 3D Smartphone is equipped with a technological feature that allows you to see the display in 3D—without the use of glasses.

There are still many more goodies packed within this new Smartphone. Inside the plastic shell lives a 1.2 gigahertz dual core processor with WiMAX included. The phone also has 1 Gigabyte of RAM, and 4G’s of storage space—which can easily be upgraded to a maximum of 40 gigs with a microSD card. Now what does all that mean you ask? In short, this phone has a lot of computer power, and is fast—so you can enjoy your streaming video and MP3’s in even less time. Not only that, but with WiMAX inside of it, this phone can pretty much connect to the internet no matter where you are—weather you are near a hotspot, traveling along a road, sitting in a hotel room—you name it, and this phone can connect from it.

If you thought that wasn’t enough to make your fingers itch to have this phone, then check this: it comes with more than one built in camera. The cameras on the back are 5 megapixels, and even include a flash bulb, while the other is a 1.3 megapixel camera that is situated on the front of the phone. But the camera doesn’t just take pictures—it can also record video in 1080 pixels, and it can even record 3D video at 720 pixels. You can also stream your videos and photos to your HD television!

The phone comes equipped with the Android 2.3 operating system, which gives you access to hundreds of different applications you can download for your phone, along with Sense. There are not many more details yet available for the phone, but it is scheduled to be released some time in the summer.

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