Shaky Towers: A Physics Game With A Twist In An Android Platform


Shaky Towers A physics game with a twist in an Android Platform

HyperBees LTD , a UK based publisher, has released a new and free strategy and puzzle game for Android phones. It is the challenging physics game with a fun twist called Shaky Towers. This application will test a gamer’s stacking skills. Normally, real towers are built strong to last. However, in the Shaky Towers, different types of challenges are given that will require a user to build a tower, reach particular checkpoints, and destroy the tower as fast as possible. The basic aim is to create a tower of cubes without falling over. The concept is actually very simple but is difficult to master.

When the application is opened, the main menu screen is shown where the gaming options are given to choose from. There are five levels of difficulty to go through and the gamer may choose a quick game or play the adventure. The main game is the adventure mode involving the gamer to complete all the levels in six different worlds having their own environment. These six worlds are the Forest World, Ice World, Desert World, Underwater World, Computer World, and Moon World. There are also a variety of types of styles to the levels. Some of these are the Line Pass, Checkpoint, Balance, Clean Up, Snapshot, Tempo Line, Bonus, and Constant Height. This Adventure mode combines different goals to get a good balance of the challenge in each of the six worlds. On the other hand, the Quick Game provides multiple levels of challenges, from Trivial, Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, and Insane. The quick game would be a good place to start after reading the section on how to play. In each level, one is given a level with each of the eight different goals. This Quick Game also provides a chance to purchase items that will help unlock the next level or make more bonuses to help go through a certain level. In both game modes, always watch out for obstacles and moving lines. It is also important to sway the phone to control gravity.

At the top of the screen as the game progresses, the gamer will be able to notice a bubble level. It is very important to keep an eye on that because it will help in the success of the gamer.

On a side note, one may be able to observe some grammatical errors in the game but aside from that, the game is generally fun and will keep you entertained. The game is clear and the graphics are nice, detailed, and child-friendly. It can be controlled easily by the touch screen and the accelerometer. The touch screen is used to put blocks in the level and the accelerometer is used to control gravity. There is also an option in the settings where you can control the accelerometer’s sensitivity to either go for a more challenging game or make some of the levels easier.

Also, the game has integrated OpenFeint which allows gamers to compete with each other and find out who is the best gamer of this application.

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