Future Baby’s Face Iphone Application: Is it reliable or not?


Future Baby’s Face Iphone Application Is it reliable or not

Future Baby’s Face, released on May 26, 2011 by Minuro Watanabe, is a free, fun, and easy-to-do iPhone application involving the generation of a future baby’s face. It is basically predicting what a baby will look like in the future based from the photos of the parents. When the application is opened, a cute little white baby coming out of an egg with a question mark on it will be seen. Then, a basic question is asked: Who are the parents?

To get a future baby’s face, the user of this application simply follows a very simple procedure. The user will simply upload two photos of any two persons in the application and with a push of a button; the application will generate a baby face from the two photos inserted.

To start generating the photo of a future baby, the Future Baby’s Face application tells the user to choose two photos from the image library of the phone, take a picture from the phone’s camera or simply choose a photo of a popular person in their settings. Only two photos are needed at each time, that of a man and a woman. The user should make sure that the photos are clear, visible, free from marks and as much as possible, a close-up photo of the persons. Any marks and glitches on the photo will affect the result of the baby’s face. After which, a baby’s face is generated based on the distinct features of the persons on the photos used. The results can range from a white-skinned baby, a blue-eyed little girl, a boy with curly hair, and many other baby faces.

To create more fun, one can also choose to select a photo of famous celebrity as one of the photos to be used in the pairing. There are over 100 famous celebrities to choose from. Following the same procedure, the application will make a photo of a future baby. That makes it more exciting.

However, one should not expect a precise and satisfying result. The application has some glitches that need to be fixed. There are times even when the two photos are changed, the same babies appear, and if the same photos are used again, it gives a completely different picture of a baby. Sometimes, a picture of an animal paired with a picture of a person can still generate a future baby’s face. The celebrity options is also quite disappointing because as they guarantee in providing over 100 celebrity options, some would only get less than or far from a hundred. This iPhone application does not stand out when compared to any of the similar application of its kind. Like in the Making Of Your Baby application, at least, one can insert ethnicity to avoid the result of having a black American baby from two photos of both white Americans.

Basically, the application is not reliable. This application is just for fun and for pure entertainment purposes only. It should not be taken with utter seriousness.

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