A Brief Review on Floor Scales Direct and Available Products


Floor Scales Direct, manufacturer of customized floor scale products is a part of the Triner and Scale Manufacturing Company. This company is among those very first companies in the US that started manufacturing scales to be used for different purposes. At present, the company and its branches are popular for manufacturing wide range of innovative electronic scales.

The scales can be used for industrial and commercial purposes. Along with electronic scales, the company also manufactures other particular scales like baggage scale (for airline), postal scales, conveyor scales and cargo scales. These other Floor Scales Direct’s products are being used in different sectors like North and South West Airlines, Fedex, etc.

Uses of the scales:

The industrial weighing scales available from Floor Scales Direct are good to use in different industries and freight business. The scales can be used as tools to keep exact records of the loads and to offer dependable services to the customers. The company offer wide range of weighing scales and other products that are available for sale. The floor scales in particular are designed to work in tough conditions. User will find the scales useful for different applications like:

> Receiving platform and warehouse shipping
> Drum weighing
> Livestock weight
> Pallet weighing
> Different industrial scales for individual industries

The Square deck scales:
The square deck style floor scale is particular product available from the company that has different features and special applications. It is industrial duty-type floor scale that can weigh 500lb of loads. The scale comes with digital indicator, weighing deck and necessary cords and cables. The product gas been certified by NTEP and thus is good to use for industrial purposes. The shock absorbing and self-leveling feet and the top deck with diamond plate are the other important features of the scale. It also comes with a junction box, made of mild steel. There are both numeric keypads and led digits that indicate the measurement.

The rectangular scales:
The rectangular floor scale is a 10,000 lbs capacity scale that also includes the basic features like digital indicator, the cables and the cords, the weighing deck and other facilities. What is different in the manufacturing of this scale is that the green LCD display of the square scale here replaces with the backlit display (LCD). The outer part of the scale is made of stainless steel. The rechargeable battery (internal), the basic and advanced functions are some of the other important features of the scale.

The stainless steel scales:
It is easy to guess from the name that the scale is entirely made of stainless steel that can weigh 500lb of capacity. The scale comes with 15 individual cables so that it can work properly even in hostile environment. Setting the scale is quite easy and no professional help is required. Leveling feet (cup-style) and height adjustment balls are the other features of the scale. It is also a NTEP-certified product and the digital indicator of scale features keyboard tare. The 0.6’’ Led display is the major attraction of the scale.

There are different other products available from the company along with these scales and individual products feature particular specialties, different from one another.

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  1. Most of all companies should be certain their balance or counting scales are legal-for-trade scales. This means that the scales any business is using are certified as providing an accurate reading for the product or sample being sold.

    Not every country requires legal-for-trade scales to be used. However, companies trading overseas should be aware of what the shipping regulations are, regardless of whether legal-for-trade scales are required.

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