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6 Wonderful Android Apps For Website Designers


Inspiration can strike at any moment and while you cannot carry a PC or laptop with you all the time, smartphone allows you to work on your ideas, on the go. Thanks to all those wonderful apps which are easily available.

6 Wonderful Android Apps For Website Designers

Following are some android apps for website designers to help them make the most of their spare time, wherever it’s convenient.

1. HTML5 & CSS Quicklook Guide

Offered free to all MPV (macProVideo) members this app is a mobile intro course for both HTML5 and CSS. Expert trainers Elisabeth Robson and Eric Freeman designed the guide to be understandable and enjoyable. It includes 20 tutorials and can be used while you are at the computer with a text editor and keyboard. The tutorials are made for the side-by-side learning experience. Since HTML formats text and works with CSS to provide a full customizable site, these tutorials are a great introduction to all the language you need for a website. Their beginner friendly language makes learning enjoyable for the new web designer.

2. Adobe Edge Inspect CC

If you’re a designer or developer that focuses on mobile browsers, this app is for you. Once Edge Inspect is installed on your computer, mobile devices can be paired. Then the app allows in sync browsing that inspects and debugs HTML/CSS/JavaScript. The Edge Inspect software is made by Adobe and required to make this app effective. Updates are seen instantly making the debugging of changes easy from a mobile location. Changes can be made to CSS rules and HTML markup on sites.

3. iDeviant

With a community that includes over 14.5 million members, DeviantArt is a treasure trove of art. Categories include; 3D design, comics, flash animations, photography, and poetry. This app is designed to provide a gateway to DeviantArt’s mobile website. Once logged in, the app can be used to browse the over 140,000 daily submissions. From the submissions, sharing is allowed along with other functions such as the ability to save as favorites. iDeviant was created by fans of the site who wanted an easy way to access and browse art using a mobile device. The app creators are committed to providing a quality design and welcome user feedback.

4. WebMaster’s HTML Editor

This app puts the power of a HTML editor into your mobile device. It can be used to edit source code by designers and webmasters alike. Some features include; syntax highlighting (for PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML), undo/redo capability, choice of dark or light color scheme, code completion, and built-in preview. It supports Japan, Chinese, Cyrillic, Western and Central Europe text encodings. The app also offers built-in help for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

5. Graphic Design idea gallery LW

Modminds has delivered an app that serves one purpose, to inspire. Its images are updated daily and include many forms of design. Once you’ve found an image you like it can be saved and shared. Sharing to both Facebook and twitter is possible. Images may also be saved to your mobile device and used as wallpaper. The daily updates are separated into the following categories for optimal browsing; layouts, poster art, digital, painting, photography, branding, packaging, logo, typography, and illustration. Graphic Design idea gallery LW is a never ending supply of visual ideas.

6. Adobe PhotoShop Touch

Adobe’s well known Photoshop software is now available on your mobile device. All the popular features from traditional Photoshop are available including; adjustments, selection tools, filters, and layers. The app supports up to 12 megapixels, allowing you to work with even high quality images. A new feature is the ability to use your tablets camera to create a layer in an image with the camera fill feature. Syncing is available automatically to the Adobe Creative Cloud and sharing capable to Facebook and Twitter. There are also browse able tutorials to get you started and a gallery of images for inspiration.

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