What to Expect From UPS Maintenance Service Providers


Uses of UPS are being inevitable in both houses and commercial places as it helps on continuing with work when electricity supply is disrupted. The device is used to back up power during surges and power cut. However, using the device blindly as a machine is not a good idea and sometime you should show it to a professional UPS maintenance service provider for servicing. Generally, the companies that offer these services include different segments in their category and promise to provide more. Well, you should know that not all of them can be your concern and choosing one that best complements your business needs is important. The additional facilities vary from one company to another but you must know the basics of UPS maintenance services. Now, let’s see what to expect from your service provider.

Service Timing and Equipments:

A professional UPS maintenance service provider will first check the entire device or system before entering the core servicing method. However, you should ask what time they suggest for checking the device. Generally, the service providers choose the office hour to come for checking, without creating the down time issue. Here you should note that they are making use of the bypass switches to control downtime issue.

It is also expected that the service provider will make use of necessary equipments only to alter or repair individual parts of the UPS system. If you want to change the old battery with a new one or want to increase the power rate of the old battery, they will make use of battery packs for this purpose. Environment sensor is the equipment that is used to detect humidity and temperature. The service provider installs this device in the UPS, which you can also use to check regular temperature changes in the UPS system.

Both emergency and regular service:

When you choose UPS maintenance service provider from particular company, you must be sure that the professionals are available for both regular and emergency services. It is better if you look for a company that agrees to offer both the services. They will send the professionals to check the system at regular basis. Services under regular inspection include battery condition checking, visual inspection, electrical and mechanical testing. They also check it that the by pass switches and the wings are working properly. This regular inspection is important to overcome regular hazards in professional places.

In case of emergency, the same company will dispatch a team of engineer who can work on the situation instantly to continue with the supply of power. You should go for those companies that have a group of standby engineers to make sure that power supply will never be interrupted, even in emergency.

All brands:

You may need to use UPS system taking from different brands to solve different purposes. Thus, it is important to choose a UPS maintenance service provider who can work on individual brands of UPS and can sort out any issues with efficiency and perfection. Generally, the companies thus employ trained engineers who can easily work on individual brands of UPS.

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