OKI B411DN from Okidata: Perfect Printer with All Elements


OKI B411DN from Okidata: Perfect printer with all elements

All the three essential elements in a printer like speed, quality and cost are met in this model from Okidata in B411DN, which is priced $249. This LED printer weighs 25 pounds can produce huge cycle of 80,000 copies per month.

After unpacking the printer, there was no difficulty in setting up process. Instead of control panel, this model has two buttons one is ‘Ready’ and the other is ‘Attention’ performs all functions. The unit automatically switches off if you keep it idle for few minutes, thus saving power.

Even though it does not have a sleek design, the performance and quality is really amazing.

The instructions given in the manual was not matching with the configuration. Hence, a fresher can have some trouble during installation. Once the CD was inserted everything was going fine and installation was over in few minutes. The CD holds some other utilities like multicast printing, job redirect and printer monitoring also apart from configuration tool.

The paper tray has internal controls and a lever for adjusting executive size paper. It can hold 250 sheets and an output tray can hold up to 150 sheets. If you wish you can supplement it by special tray which can hold 780 sheets. Flaps are seen for pulling the paper down and this was very light and delicate.

The OKI B411DN can accommodate papers of varying sizes starting from small envelope size to huge executive sized paper, making it comfortable for office usage. You can select number of options for operating duplex unit.

You can make various changes in the printouts using the dialog box from Job Options located in printing preference. It contains 4 basic resolutions. You can adjust or improve the graphics using ‘Image Tab’ option. By making options you can add or lessen brightness and sharpness to the printed image.

The external look of B411DN is not impressive, but the quality and performance are amazing. It rocks with high speed overruling the speed of its competitors by twice or thrice sometimes. The printer was able to perform with double speed in Normal mode when compared to X204n. The same results were produced when tested for text and pictures. This feature plus its inexpensive consumables makes this printer as the best choice by all its users.

You should remember to operate it in Normal mode for great speed and not in Draft mode.

As said earlier, its quality is appealing and outstanding among all other printers. The final product was much like a laser printer.

The printer from Okidata is extremely cost effective also. The cost for one page printout is just half cent. The cost of Toner is also equally cheaper than its competitors in the market.

On the whole, this printer provides excellent value for its price or even more value. The speed is great, and the quality is outstanding and its consumables are low; – all these features count for hitting the market of office needs and the user will admire its value even after using the printer.

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