Review of Sony Webcam MHS-CM1


Review of Sony Webcam MHS-CM1

Sony has launched a new Webcam series which has given a boost to the monotonous camcorder market. The earlier Digital Flip camcorders made the camera market lose its charm. But now these flip series, which is now capturing the market share of under $200, has brought this charm back by making it easier to upload the videos on YouTube and other networking sites. Besides this, there are many other features offered by the Sony MHS-CM1. People prefer to use it as it is available at a lower price than most of its competitors and is much simpler to use than the other models offered.

But these things are not enough to make a mark in the constantly changing market trends. The biggest drawback associated with this product is its process of uploading to YouTube, which it had cited as its biggest advantage and a key feature. People have found the uploading process really lengthy and complicated. The faulty software installed is the reason behind this hap-hazard state. The flip camcorders work on an entirely different mechanism where the software gets easily installed in any computer for the first time itself.

As the Sony MHS-CM1 camcorder is designed traditionally, being longer in shape and having an optical zoom are really unique features to offer. Here, it proves better than the ultra-compact camcorders which are dependent on the digital zoom and hence lack on the picture quality. Another interesting feature offered by CM1 is the recording of 5 megapixels still images, which is again not available in the Flip. When tested, it produced a high resolution image having an impeccable color quality and perfect color accuracy.

The irony here is that the lack of features became a part of the Flip success story. There is no aperture, no picture quality, no shutter speed, no exposure and no white balance. However, despite coming up with the lucrative features it could not capture the market because of its defective design structure. It has incorporated a menu system in its product, quite contrary to the Flip. This could be advantageous for Sony but because of bad navigation controls, the situation totally reversed and this has further aggravated the problem for camcorder market. Thus, to conclude, I will say that Flip proves to be a better camcorder as it does not face any operational difficulties while Sony faces a faulty design as well as software.

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