Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Work To An Email Agency


Every business owner worth their salt realises the benefits of email marketing in enabling them to keep in contact with their existing customer base. However, not every entrepreneur is able to harness the amount of manpower required in managing all aspects of their email marketing campaign on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Those who attempt to develop their own email marketing strategy and manage them on their own may find it difficult to properly deliver their message. This is normal as most small businesses do not possess the right manpower or experience for the proper management and execution of all that’s required for an effective email marketing campaign.

If you find yourself in need of a turn-key, fully managed email marketing solution to take charge of your email marketing campaign on an ongoing basis, you are better off contracting the services of an agency to professionally manage each step on your behalf. Email marketing agencies offer various services including the planning and development stages of your email; creating, executing and deploying the campaign, managing delivery and handling any unforeseen issues that may arise as well as the tracking and analysis of the results.

When you hire the services of an email marketing agency, you are likely to be assigned a dedicated account manager to guide you every step of the way with your full-service, managed email marketing solution. Your account manager will offer expert guidance and management in the following areas:

  • Strategic direction in devising content for your promotional offer or newsletter
  • Recommendations for a customised design and production of your html email
  • Cleaning the email list and validating your existing database of opt-in email addresses
  • Data management for opt-in emails and unsubscribes
  • Social media integration
  • Setup, approval and testing of email marketing campaigns
  • Delivery of emails to inboxes using the agency’s proprietary email marketing software
  • Improved delivery rates
  • Real-time tracking and reporting of clicks and opens to your site
  • Campaign performance metrics evaluation

By using a digital marketing agency to help develop your email marketing campaigns, your business will benefit from high calibre email marketing expertise without having to inflate your payroll. In addition, you are able to take advantage of years of email marketing experience under the guidance of a team of seasoned professionals. By customising your solution to fit your needs, you are ensured that the solution will automatically scale with your growth. If you want to achieve tangible results, but lack the “know-how” or tools necessary for the management of an effective email marketing campaign, why not let the experts handle this task on your behalf?

By Sarah-Jayne Culver; a Search Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK.

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