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Improve your Dedicated Server Performance and Security with Managed Colocation Services


Many data centers offer managed colocations services which put specialized professional in charge of maintaining your dedicated servers. Businesses can benefit from the advantage of having their own dedicated servers without having to invest the time and resources into managing it. More and more people are starting to see the benefits of managed colocation hosting because it provides them an easy way to either buy or lease a secure, stable, and efficient server that is customized to their specific needs.

Improve your Dedicated Server Performance and Security with Managed Colocation ServicesThere are many types of managed colocation services being offered by different data centers. These services can range from having a technical engineer set up your server for you to having them on call in case of any sudden technical issues or emergency server maintenance situations. Managed colocation services can include extended access to additional resources from the hosting provider to improve your server’s stability. These services can protect your server from a sudden burst in usage, running heavy resource applications, or even backing up your server’s data onto another server.

Usually a managed colocation hosting plan comes with general server maintenance, installation and updates of software, operating system, and security programs. A client can also request the software they want to be installed or simply ask a professional what type of software they need for their server. The server maintenance is services done by the hosting company’s IT staff that range from reboots and hardware maintenance to secure data backups for important server data.

A popular group of clients for managed colocation services are internet business or website owners. This group is filled with people who have ideas or want to offer some type of service online but do not have the technical knowledge of setting up their own server to host their website. In order to properly host a website and manage all the traffic and information to support the website, a managed colocation hosting plan is required if one does not wish to focus on server issues all day. This means outsourcing technical maintenance to the hosting provider in order to free up more resources for other issues. With a managed server plan, business owners are free to focus on more important issues and their company’s growth while the hosting provider take care of their server issues.

Technology savvy customers can still benefit from managed colocation services by being provided with secure server backups and remote cloud computing. Even if these customers know how to manage their server, they are keen to the amount of time consumed trying to get their server running perfectly at all times. With managed colocation services, these customers gain peace of mind that their server will be running efficiently at all times so that they can focus on other things. Also some data centers and most Los Angeles data center offer support for reallocation of server resources and custom made software to be installed on the server. These specialized services give web developer the chance to play around with their dedicated server and see how their programs will run.

Managed colocation hosting is the go to plan for those looking to lease or buy a dedicated server and needs hosting services. Many customers of managed colocation hosting do not have the time or expertise necessary to deal with managing their own server so they opt to have a specialized professional do it for them. With the many types of managed colocation hosting plan being offered, e-commerce businesses and independent web developers have enough options to choose the right plan for their specific needs. Cloud hosting will give customer added stability for their server to make sure that it will always have enough resources to handle its daily operations. With managed colcoation hosting, a client can be assured that all programs will be installed correctly with 24/7 technical support to make sure that they have a secure and reliable server at their disposal.

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  1. We have found that a managed server was way too expensive for our needs, we got quoted £450 a month but as we only get 20,000 unique visits a month we will wait till we expand

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