Travel Comparison Sites Don't Build Brand Worth – Email Marketing Does!


It’s common for travel companies seeking to build brand awareness on the internet to first turn to travel comparison sites for assistance. While this is helpful, it is nowhere in comparison to what a simple email marketing campaign can achieve. We would know: we send 40 million emails to help travel companies build brand awareness – it’s powerful and helps raise your company’s value, plus reduced commission sent to comparison sites. Below are more reasons why you should consider email marketing rather than opting for the more traditional travel comparison sites in building the worth of your brand.

Email marketing presents a clear benefit over the other more traditional forms of marketing. For one, it drives better returns on investment and customer engagement metrics than any other marketing technique. It is therefore important for travel companies to invest their time and resources in developing an email marketing program.
Email marketing enables the travel company to employ the use of personalised messaging to strengthen their brand presence. Unlike print mail campaigns, telesales campaigns and even print, radio and TV advertising campaigns that are typically done in a “one-size-fits-all” format, email marketing enables the company to speak directly to the consumer in a more personalised manner. The dynamic way in which email marketing enables this is by sending personalised email with your user’s name or login name, as well as feeding personalised information such as sales and purchase history.

With email marketing, you are also able to engage in more frequent communications with your customers. This is because it takes less time to create and send emails than it does other advertising and marketing methods. Therefore, a travel company is able to send its clients weekly offers, rather than a monthly flyer or quarterly catalogue.

Email marketing enables you to observe which graphics, offers, colours or headlines customers will respond to. Working with a digital marketing agency, you may do this by separating your email list into parts and sending different versions of an email to each. Thereafter, you may employ the very precise tracking tools offered by email marketing to determine which message worked better in converting sales or actions by users.

Building brand awareness doesn’t get any easier than email marketing due to its inherent ability to spread information. With email marketing, your email can be easily forwarded by your customers to family, friends and colleagues, in order to share the enticing offer or useful piece of information it contains within seconds. This enables your marketing effort to reach a wider demographic, and tap into a networked reach of people who serve as your brand advocates by simply forwarding your email to others.

By Sarah-Jayne Culver; a Search Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK.

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