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The Motorola DROID 3 is considered as the original flagship phone for Android’s starter series. With its predecessor DROID 2, Motorola has shown that their line of phones are now expanding quickly however, the DROID 2 did not make much impact compared to the original DROID phone. Over time, we have seen that there are now a lot of Android phones in the market but Motorola is keen on getting back on track with the DROID 3.

This is the third installment in the DROID series and this is definitely not going to slip through the cracks. It has now an excellent hardware upgrade as well as an improved design which is similar to the 4G LTE smart phones. Motorola is hoping that the DROID 3 will have the same impact as that of the original DROID.

The package includes:

• Motorola DROID 3
• microUSB cable
• Wall Charger
• Quick Reference Guide
• Product Safety & Warranty Brochure

There is no doubt that the DROID 3 will capture your eyes with its significantly bigger frame which is a big change compared to its other earlier brothers. It is longer and wider but thinner by 0.5” to make it more streamlined in look and very easy to place in the pockets.

It has heavier lines and sharper contours but retains its fundamental design. It sports a gunmetal-like plastic casing with a soft touch back to let the hands feel that it is such a solid phone. It may be a bit heavier at 6.49 oz but it still looks balanced. It has grown quite good on the reviewers putting the design up on a win.

You can be very well impressed with the big 4” qHD 540×960 display which puts the other Android phones with small screens in the dust. It puts the DROID 3 in the DROID X series because of the big screen with great pixel density and high resolution. It offers sharp and vibrant visuals which makes fine text very legible. Color production is great as it exudes deep and vibrant hues.

Viewing angles are quite a problem since colors fade such as black turning grey when the unit is tilted at a 90 degree position. It may be viewable when you are indoors but when you go outside and it is too bright, the overall brightness output isn’t quite its strongest quality. However, even if this is so, Motorola is still putting forward a big display that everyone can be happy about.

The DROID 3 has a microHDMI-out port which gives that opportunity for people to transfer their DROID experience on a high definition television set. It has a dedicated power button on the top edge just like in DROID X2. However, the dedicated power button and the volume rocker needs a lot of effort so that it can respond. It also sports a front facing 0.3 megapixel camera which is great for video calling.

DROID 2 supposedly had a better QWERTY keyboard however it did not come to everybody’s expectations. Now, with the DROID 3, Motorola addressed every issue and possibly came out with one of the best keyboards in the market. Even if it retained the manual slide and flat keys layout, the QWERTY keyboard is very responsive, well spaced and just performs very well. The keyboard ranks high on usability even for those who have quite big fingers.

The DROID 3 has an 8 megapixel auto focus camera with LED flash which can take up to 1080p videos. It comes with a new difficult to remove snap on rear cover that covers the 1500 mAH battery and microSD card slot. The DROID 3 is a global capable device with its SIM card slot in the rear compartment.

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