A Great Audio Specialist Gaming Headset by NOX


A Great Audio Specialist Gaming Headset by NOX

Small Review:

Even though this is the first try at acceptance by NOX for a huge amount of consumers, they knocked it out of the park.

The Add On’s:

  • A nice architecturally sound foldable headset
  • An in and out mic
  • Can be used with both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and also has an adaptor for others
  • Control for the volume is located on the ear pieces
  • Retailed at about $80 USD

The Upside:

  • Has good sound qualities
  • Easy to wear and doesn’t have any heaviness to them
  • Great looking

The Downside:

  • Wished that the chord was a bit longer and had a different texture for durability purposes
  • The mic’s in and out component needs to be a bit smoother

The Main Squeeze:

I liked this headset because it allows me to switch back and forth really easily between games on different sets. It is one of the designs that were put out right after E3 as well before some other models did, and it shouldn’t displease any gamers out there looking for a good buy.

If you want something that you can virtually take anywhere, you’ll like the foldable feature that this headset offers its users. They are not super-duper tiny, but they do go a couple notches down in size enough for you to take them with you. Adding to their appeal is the case it comes with and the fact that you can even put them in a smaller place without it.

The in and out mic (retractable) is nice and is only shown in a couple of gaming models, but the others that do use this function tend to be of better quality than this specific model. It has a nice way in which the chord doesn’t get in the way of everything and can be spun up into the earpiece for later accessibility. Although the chord is short and the mic feels like it needs to be a bit more forward, I really can’t complain about much on the sound side of this product.

Not to get confused with the chord roller, but there is another apparatus quite like that is used strictly for sound control. It was relatively easy to use when I was deep into my games and found it to be nice and accessible when I needed to switch it up.

The sound quality is actually worth every penny you’re going to spend on it. Whether or not I wanted to hear all the bass that it came tuned in to, just depended on my equalizing abilities (which aren’t half bad). No matter how much I juiced them, not of the heavy audio seemed to make them sway from good sounding equipment. They were nice and tight around my ears, so not much noise other than harsh key noises and the like could be heard.

One of the things that gamers look for in a good headset is comfort ability. If you’re serious enough to buy the headset, you’re serious enough to be playing games for quite some time. As for me, these fit on my ear and head like a glove. It’s like wearing something silky almost, their easy to wear, period.

As far as aesthetic appeal, you have a couple choices in hues and they look rather masculine, but fun at the same time. You might look a little funny strolling down a business area with these plugged into your phone, but go ahead if it floats your boat.

In order to make a good product, these developers need to get into the minds of them and how they work first. When you have someone who’s been plucking away for hours, their hands are going to more than just soggy and giving them a chord that slips straight through them was a bad move on NOX’s part. Plus, it’s just too short.

When you buy this product, you should add-on the Negotiator pack because this will allow you to spend less money on switching back and forth between devices. Of course, if you’re not interested in gaming off of your computer, you should be safe without it.

What I Conclude:

If you are serious about a good gaming headset, then you should be seriously considering paying the $80 bucks for one. Between all the other headsets out there you can always go up or down in price, but usually you’ll be getting what you pay for. With everything that you can do with these headsets, the price pretty much speaks for itself.

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  1. I like it. I just bought one for myself last week. Although the set up is a bit confusing at first considering that you have to connect volume pod to ps3 controller, but then again I think it was just there so you can always reach it while playing which I think is awesome. Now I’m thinking of buying 1 more for my kid who will definitely love it. It makes gaming more fun and portable plus the sound quality is awesome – far beyond I expected. This gadget really rocks.

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