Small tech makes a big difference


When people think of innovative technology, they often think of big items. Flat screen TVs, personal computers, stereo systems and even the tech used to send people into space are all innovations that might come to mind. Yet, sometimes the best technological advances come in small packages. Small tech can make a big difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.

Water filtration

One piece of small tech that many people use daily but often forget about is water filtration. Today’s refrigerators even come with built in water filtration systems, so the average homeowner may be drinking filtered water without even realizing it. Take, for example, the Samsung Aqua Pure Plus. This system is built into many Samsung and Kenmore refrigerators, filtering the drinking water and ice so that it is cleaner, clearer and healthier for the drinker. The filter removes chlorine and other contaminants from normal tap water, increasing the chance that people will stay better hydrated and benefit their health.

Water filters work by forcing the water through a medium that is large enough to allow pure water through, but not large enough to allow many contaminants through. Filters also usually contain activated charcoal, which is an extremely porous material that absorbs dangerous gases out of the water. This two-fold filtration process leaves behind tasty, contaminate-free water.

Portable media players

Most people today own a portable media player, like the iPod. These tiny devices have gradually taken the place of bulky stereo equipment. With a quality dock and speaker system strategically set up in the house, the music lover can instantly access a wide range of musical selections. As an added bonus, the device can be taken out of the home easily for music on the go. In this way, the media player not only replaces the stereo system, but also eliminates the need for a huge collection of CDs. With just one small, handheld device, those who love music can have a full collection of albums without needing extra storage space. Enjoying music will be that much easier when the house is free of clutter.

Robot vacuums

Technology that makes household chores more convenient is always popular with homemakers. Robot vacuums are one of these inventions. The machine automatically motors through the home, sucking up dirt and debris, eliminating the need for powering an upright model with a long cord and bags to replace. Robot vacuums have been on the market for a while, but have recently received an upgrade. Neato Robotics added a laser to the design of their vacuum model. With this new addition, the vacuum creates its own map of the room, so it can effectively sweep the floors without bumping into any furniture or overlooking any areas of the room.

All-in-one media systems

For those who are pressed for space, all-in-one media systems are one of the greatest innovations in tech. These computers double as music players and DVD or Blu-Ray players. Owners can watch downloaded television programs or movies on disc, play music or work on a computer without needing to own multiple devices. With the addition of an HDTV antenna, these units can also play over-the-air television programming. Gone is the need to subscribe to a cable service provider. Live, streaming or DVRed programming is a literal touch away.

These pieces of tech prove that innovation does not have to bring a big change. Small tech is changing the lifestyles of people across the country, all without taking up much space in the home. From improving health to making at-home entertainment simpler, these seemingly small innovations simply make life better for those who embrace them.

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