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Puzzle games are not only exciting, fun and rewarding, but playing them can also stimulate the brain cells. There are many mobile puzzle games that you can choose from such as memory pairing games and even the traditional Tetris games, and these have always addicted players, causing them to play endless of hours until they get tired of it.

Android, the current top player in mobile gaming, has made different puzzle games available for download for Android devices. From simple and straight forward games to the most impressive and complicated puzzles that you can think of, these games will surely kill the time while you play them. Below are just some of the most popular mobile puzzle games that you can download for your Android.

Cut the Rope

ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope is hands down the all time best puzzle game. The objective of the game is simple: all you need to do is cut the rope attached to the candy to feed it to the adorable green monster named Om Nom, while at the same time collecting the bonus stars in the level. Obstacles like spikes, bees, saws, magical hats and many more are added as you progress through the game. Although the game is rather simple and straightforward, it has proven to be highly addictive.

World of Goo

In this game, to complete the level, players use goo balls to make constructions until the goo balls get to the exit tunnel. Simple right? Well it really is easy in the beginning but as you start toadvance through the game, a variety of different goo balls are added to the game to make it more exciting and challenging. There are also other elements that can affect gameplay such as sticky balls, fire traps, balloons, wind speed and spikes.

X Construction

Although this game is also focused on blocks and other construction materials, the difference between X Construction and other construction games is that in this game you should always be keep tabs on your available budget for the construction of bridges and train tracks.

Burn The Rope

Burn the Rope is a lot like Cut The Rope in the sense that they’re both easy to understand and the objective of the game is pretty simple. The goal in this game is to simply burn as much of the rope as the player possibly can in every level. The catch is the flame only burns vertically so that players need to tilt their phones to guide the fire.

All these games would definitely keep you entertained and excited. Download a couple of these apps into your Android phone and watch as the time flies by while you try to finish level after level.

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