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When it comes to playing online based game, no game is as good as RPG or Role Playing Games. They’re the games which offers the gamers the true feeling of a virtual world, living another life which is full of fantasies and mostly, it can be played innumerable times. Playing games like these can be pretty boring sometimes which is why very few games can get your attention. Normally, typical RPG games are way larger and take a lot of resources and needs good operating system to deal with it. But, online based browser RPG games seem a bit interesting and compact too. You can play wherever you want but it won’t contain the great graphics and story line which the traditional RPG Games offer. These kinds of games are known as MMORPGs. Most of these games are interactive and they’re free to play. We’ve researched for quite a long time and created the list of top 5 online browser RPG games which will be your best friend when you’re bored and have nothing to do except for a little refreshing through playing online based games.


Tales of Laputa – Beauty &Beast

This game is from NGames and it offers exciting gameplay while you can battle and it also offers a classic anime style elements. This game takes it place where you can have the realm of magic and machinery. The ruler of the sky is the Order of Morias and you’ve driven into the mysterious bandits group which gives your unknown missions. You are the hero and you can play this game by teaming with your friends too.

R2Games to Begin Open Beta for Lunaria Story

R2Games is one of those international online game publishers which specialize in free online based games or just micro-transaction based games. This game features 2D experience for the players and it comes with engaging a lot of players online to play this game in multiplayer mode. It features pretty delightful visuals but surprises with its gameplay.

NGames Reveal New Side-Scrolling RPG, Divines of the East

NGames is one of the leading creators of online basedside-scrolling RPG games and it has revealed to newest creation its gaming library and it’s Divines of the East. The game is amazing for its hand-drawn graphics. There’re lots of reasons to play Divines of the East since they’re offering an exciting and unique gameplay.

Andromeda 5: The New Space

It’s a Unity-based 3D game which one is also free and it engages a lot of players just like you. The game contains an interesting storyline with various modes and you can team up with other players to defeat the unique bosses.

Chrono Tales

Chrono Tales is one of the best 3D browser based MMORPGs which are totally free and provide a lot fun. There’re anime style visuals and you don’t need to download anything. You’ll get into a totally different world in Chrono Tales and your job is to save the city through travelling back in time from the evil.

We hope you’ve loved our reviews on top 5 online browser RPG games and don’t forget to let us know which one is the best for you.

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