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On the inferior side of the hard disk, you can find the logical board. This is an important part, as it is just like the “user manual” of the Hard Disk. Using this device, the computer “learns” how to use the hard disk, and how to access it. Without it, the computer would not be able to detect if you have a Hard Disk installed, and it won’t be able to transfer data. Usually, when the hard disk is damaged, the problem is not actually on the disk, it is in the transmission hardware. If you want to know how to recover data from hard drive, you will have to know how to detect the problem that you have, and to solve it accordingly.

Hard disk problems with magnetic boards

The boards are magnetic disks made of aluminum, and covered with a thin layer of magnetic material. The data from a hard disk is organized in circles called tracks, sector tracks, sectors, and clusters. The writing/reading heads are read by electromagnets, which make the conversion of electric signals in magnetic fields and the other way around. Every bit of data is registered on a disk, using a certain method for coding, the bits being transferred in sequences and flux transactions. Whenever a program is not installed properly, or if you choose to format your computer with the low-level facility, you might create some bad clusters on the disks that will never be recovered. The harddrive recovery tools can be really powerful, but there are some things that just can’t be done.

Types of hard disks

Hard disks can be external or internal. The external ones are usually used to increase the capacity of the computer, in case you need bigger capacity but you are not willing to replace the old HDD. An alternative to HDD is SDD (Solid State Drive), which does not use moving parts, it does not heat and it is also silenced.

In case you need a new hard disk, check the connection of your computer, to see if the interface allows you to connect any type of disk. For example, you can choose Sata, Sata 2, and IDE. The majority of hard disk recovery programs will work with all those types of hard disks, but you will have to choose the program that is mostly suited for your needs.

How to take care of data

As in the case of hard disk recovery, you never know if the program would be able to recover your files completely, it is a good idea to backup your data often, and to prevent data loss. Always save your work in safe locations on your computer. At least once every month, you will have to copy all your important work and files on external support. In case data is missing, the hard disk recovery tool might be able to recover those files, but the problems that caused data loss will probably remain. Any hard disk recovery tool comes with some additional programs such as hard disk checkers, and you should make use of those programs also.


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